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bahamian,s on the beach
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Posted by:Mar 22nd 2009, 06:14:12 pm
The PartymanRobert is misunderstood by many and an easy target.

The beach bar has full backing and support from the PM. If it cannot happen here we will open it in center field of the Spanish Wells baseball park!
Posted by:Mar 6th 2009, 07:23:43 am
ash12hey, kim i never said that forty something households are willing to help robert with his business. i was refferring to the forty two houses that are on sale on the island now all of a sudden now. well its being received that bahamians are being limited from the beach. kim, letters were wrote to the counsil and to the effective administrator to prevent jean my sis inlaw from having her lil business on the beach. its being received by natives that its good for the beachfront homeowners to make all that they can but when it comes to natives! its limited for bahamians! especially brilanders. the beach entrances are being blocked off to prevent bahamians from having picnics. there are no public bathrooms yet on crownland there yet
Posted by:Mar 5th 2009, 09:55:35 pm
KimberlyHey, Ash, speaking of locals who have been unfairly kept off of their own beach, how is Jean Davis' proposed beach bar concept being received?
Posted by:Mar 5th 2009, 09:53:32 pm
KimberlyForty households have offered to help Robert with his business? That IS great news ... congratulations!
Posted by:Mar 5th 2009, 08:55:14 pm
ash12now it clearly shows,but alot of people on briland is paying alot of atention of whats going on and what went on.letters opon letters have been wrote to the new effective commish. but come to find out alot has been falsified and proven so! so some people wishes may not come through at all. on the other hand, a wish of roberts has come through! robert is my wifes brother, bahamian BRILANDER. (again no crime in that regard) forty something houses!! wow!
Posted by:Mar 5th 2009, 08:26:03 pm
Ameliei See that Robert is a sore spot with Ash because they are family, but i think it is tragic . Robert is not a nice person and he does strike not provoked, anywhere if he is not in the mood.

He frigten Kimberly?"???
Posted by:Mar 5th 2009, 06:47:49 pm
ash12well kristi,, if that makes you comfortable, go rite ahead an not post! i certainly cant see why anyone especially me cannot understand what you post or what you,re trying to say,,probably i should,nt post with all the exclamation,s. dont misunderstand me. its probably that i grew up on grand bahama is why its hard for me to comprehend to your replies i guest
Posted by:Mar 5th 2009, 04:43:56 pm
kristiAsh - you have taken my message in the wrong way. I think that it would be a good idea to re-read and try to understand things in a different angle before replying. I will no longer post to this subject
Posted by:Mar 4th 2009, 02:04:12 pm
ash12kristi, i will defend anyone or anybody from harbour island if i know that they too have some kind,ve of rights. you could easily say that his appearances has nothing to do with anything! thats wat you say. but i know what other people that are here! i know what they are saying,,that was,nt meant for kim in particular! dont misinterput me( BAHAMIANS ON THE BEACH) yet again kristi you,re talking of personal experiences with robert? or are you defending you,re family rite, so please dont go there! robert wont hurt a fly if he,s not bothered! so krist it all has something and everything to do with you! i see it very much so. so how can you say it has nothing to do with me! you,ll be very surprised to know that who,s taking up for robert. so dont try and make that some kind,ve big issue! you all make valid points. so does it mean that no one else,s points matter here? robert has a mother ,brothers and sisters.along with alot of other family members. the thing that i love about this country that i reside in is, democracy and freedom of speach! if i see any thing that i think that is wrong! i have a right to address it
Posted by:Mar 4th 2009, 07:45:49 am
Richard PInform the other owners of the horses? Yes, the guy in the bank and the "helpful" epxpat in the Narrows are all very aware that the guy us underwater and they do nothing, at least the new administrator is effectiv
Posted by:Mar 4th 2009, 07:39:32 am
kristiI think that Ash has every rightto defend his brother in law - good for you because you are sticking up for your family. BUT I too understand Kim - it has nothing to do with appearance (that shouldn't even be a thought) but they way he acts around certain people. Kim don't get me wrong but don't mention why you are afraid of him - this could make him smile and go that extra mile to do it again when you are on the island. Sad realiy but the truth. Again Ash - this has nothing to do with you.
Posted by:Mar 4th 2009, 07:15:07 am
ash12the other owners of the horses should be informed also,robert should,nt be the only one ridiculed for such. what name calling are you speaking of? if it was robert of old it mite,ve been worst. the pressure from certain people needs to stop! alot of people in his family are under extreme pressure when it comes to they,re own.he,s trying to do better but like i said people wont let him. i know,ve about four other horse owners are they aware of the situation?
Posted by:Mar 3rd 2009, 12:59:32 pm
KimberlyHi, Ash ... I'm only saying, Robert could use some real hands-on help with his business, whether caring or feeding or vaccinating his horses on a regular basis, instead of all of the name-calling back and forth that isn't resolving the issue. He's under a lot of pressure, and it shows.
Posted by:Mar 3rd 2009, 12:39:16 pm
ash12i know of alot of incidents where people had approach robert in public places.batelco,on the beach, in the clubs,,Hotel managers, bahamians and winter residents all of whom could say anything by all means to robert. you mentioned in the email that i carry water for robert, what does that mean? are you saying in you,re own words that i take up for robert? and that he,s family? he,s my brother inlaw kim. is something wrong with that? look like when certain individuals speak,it is suppose to be gospel! bahamians need to start standing up to critics! some winter residents ,hotel managers and some brilanders can defimate someones character still after all these years? is that supose to be cool? my mouth is,nt zipped! how could a non bahamian suggest that bahamians should visit for an hour or two! should we as brilanders laydown and accept that type of attitude? or we are the ones with the bad attitude?!
Posted by:Mar 2nd 2009, 08:51:08 pm
ash12hi chapel, so are you saying that he scares you too also with thee attitude not the appearances? i,m not giving robert a tap on the back for his antics or bahavior in the past. answer me this, would you say its a little bit of provocation also aainst robert? just lately on the beach someone approached robert and said to him( we,ll do our best to rid,ve you off of this beach) now according to robert! this person agrivated him, but nobody is listening to robert because of his past. Or is it robert just making trouble with everybody on the island.
Posted by:Mar 2nd 2009, 08:42:05 pm
KimberlyHi, Ash. I grew up with the Davis family ... Robert's appearance has nothing to do with it. I used to love having those horses on the beach.

His remarks to me on the beach and in town, on the other hand, are inappropriate and have been witnessed several times, and we'll leave it at that.
Posted by:Mar 2nd 2009, 07:51:49 pm
ash12something that you mite not know or refuse to know. robert davis contributes to the tourism industry. i guess his appearances scares not only you! what scares you ,someone may like or love!!but robert is a big topic now adays. bahamians have that rite to they,re opinion also. what prevailing attitudes? on which island! thats the reason? but you did say thats you,re thoughts( global economical crisis) is a big contributor. we or i as a bahamian will continue to exercise my rites especially on this Island.Democracy is whats happening here also.
Posted by:Mar 2nd 2009, 07:14:01 pm
KimberlyI don't know about Robert's contribution to the beach as he frankly scares the bejezus out of me whether on OR off of the beach, but I do think that prevailing attitudes and tensions on the island within the community are a strong contributor to so many properties going on the market these past few years. Just a thought, and something that we should come to grips with and discuss, rather than continue throwing coconuts at the issue.

Bahamians do have to continue to assert their own rights in their land, and visitors do have a right to their opinions if something strikes them as odd. Diplomacy and tact is everything.
Posted by:Mar 2nd 2009, 07:07:43 pm
ash12the beach is,nt only for robert! its for anybody especially tourists and bahamians. robert is,nt the reason why the houses are for sale now all of a sudden. robert would be just fine!
Posted by:Mar 2nd 2009, 04:40:51 pm
KimberlyThere are RULES for Brilanders using the beach now? I hadn't heard that, but it's tragic if it's true ... it certainly wasn't the case in November or December, but I'm not surprised at anything these days.

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