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Posted by:May 10th 2009, 09:39:42 am
The PartymanDake is right.

Briland couls really be a great location for a green society.

Unfortunately, FNM has no vision for that.
Posted by:May 10th 2009, 12:47:46 am
DakeCars will be the real downfall of life on harbour island / it's a shame we have so many of them on the island.
Posted by:May 8th 2009, 09:26:03 pm
The PartymanWe even have microwaves. Sometime ice come on de mailboat too, seen?
Posted by:May 4th 2009, 12:57:37 pm
Briland_AmbitionSpanish Inqu...........Yes we no about skype, (For a moment there i was goin to catergorize you those who think we swing from trees and use type writer on the island (Had someone ask me if we have cars and computers on the island) .
Posted by:May 4th 2009, 08:40:42 am
KimberlyBriland people have known about Skype for years.
Posted by:May 4th 2009, 02:05:25 am
The spanish inquisitionwow...briland people know 'bout skype.
Posted by:May 3rd 2009, 11:37:22 am
The PartymanI am sure they hate you too.
Posted by:May 2nd 2009, 06:25:39 pm
bkd2112i hate batelco. magic jack is the way to go or maybe skype
Posted by:May 2nd 2009, 11:01:02 am
The PartymanB etter
A sk
T hem
E xcept
L ine
C omin'
O ff

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