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Posted by:Jun 16th 2009, 06:42:28 pm
f-stopI don't know about escorts, but I do have an opinion on families. In the old country, once the kids were grown, they took over the family business, farm, whatever, and took care of their parents. Parents gave up the master bedroom and control of the house. Staying with the parents was the more honorable thing to do. In a lot of societies it still is.
Posted by:Jun 12th 2009, 02:14:21 am
The spanish inquisition"Still living at home with mummy you say???"

I think this is just something else that is culturally accepted.

I have an uncle that didn't move out til he was 40. I have a Puerto Rican who still doesn't see the allure of moving out from your parents, EVER. He says staying there helps them with taxes and such, and is more like doing them a favor.

I remember in high school, a student was asked by another, if he was gonna move out, and he said "what for? I ain't gotta pay to rent, I ain't got no bills to pay".

So what do these people do with the money they make? Buy cars and try to impress these same lil girls, and have sex with them in their parents house. The only times I see people willingly move out, is when thy have a falling out with their parents, or are fed up with living under their parents thumb. It may not be positive, but it gets them out the house.

Plus, land is expensive when all you do is go clubbing and spend the little money you make from lifting bags on cars, drugs and girls.
Posted by:May 20th 2009, 09:00:11 pm
The PartymanRichard P is a man of wisdom and true knowledge.
Posted by:May 15th 2009, 07:30:44 am
Richard PVery good point, especially the one underemployed musician who majors in makine plenty plenty babies. Still living at home with mummy you say???
Posted by:May 14th 2009, 05:40:59 pm
The spanish inquisitionYou know what, maybe I'm making the girls look to bad.
It's not just a problem with the girls, but a problem with their mothers and fathers as well. Not every brilander runs rampant sleeping around, but so many of them do. Where do the youth pick up on this behavior? FROM THE ADULTS. Married or not, BAHAMIANS (not just brilanders) are know for sleeping around, then they have the audacity to ask why the country's so AIDS infested, or where the youth gets off sleeping around, as if the elders are so innocent.

Like I said, it's no just the youth, they pick it up from society, the briland and the Bahamas is a society of sleeping around.

But as I can tell from this board, people just rather not talk about it, turn a blind and and pretend everything's cool.

What's worse, is I can tell from growing up the people who don't like to talk about it are the ones that do it.

This is a fact:
I love sex.
You love sex.
Bahamians love sex.
PEOPLE love sex.
Bahamians just take it to a level where they're willing to cheat, or sleep with so many have sex.

What's disgusting is this has become acceptable in Bahamian society.
Posted by:May 14th 2009, 04:33:55 pm
The spanish inquisitionWell I do:
I speak the truth.
I don't care who finds it offensive, it's the truth. Instead of doing something about it, people find it offensive when people speak about it. Brilanders in particular need to stop pretending everything is alright, then when someone speaks about a subject like this, their general reaction is "how could you say something like that?". Like I said, I speak the truth. If you get offended by me speaking the truth about a situation, THEN CHANGE THE SITUTAION. Until then, I'll continue to call it as it is.
Posted by:May 10th 2009, 09:41:10 am
The Partymanbkd2112

We got ya numba bey!
Posted by:May 6th 2009, 08:22:22 pm
MyBrilandYou were just as out of line and offensive as bkd2112.

I have nothing further to say on the subject!
Posted by:May 6th 2009, 01:50:19 am
The spanish inquisitionGeez MyBriland, chill.
Just relax.

I'm not trying to be offensive here, but are you under so much stress that you're making a mountain out of a mole hill? The mole hill being the comment, not the islands' hood rat infestation.

Or did is it just a subject that you have grave concern for?

If it's the latter, then just make another topic.

bkd2112 asked a question and I answered it.
Posted by:May 5th 2009, 04:12:50 pm
MyBrilandIt only takes one person.

They have their team, so create your own team. The point is finding a solution.

A leader and someone with passion and a vision to make a difference, would not be concerned with allowing the negative actions to cause them to lose sight of their goal(s). I do agree that it is discouraging at times. If it is not for the good of what you are doing, there is no need to be concerned with " a team of other persons who keep knocking down things on the Island".

To Make a difference, you have to be different, we have to be different! It starts with attitude.
Posted by:May 5th 2009, 02:00:03 pm
Briland_AmbitionNothing here was taken casually, I was making a point, just speaking form my point of view it get's depressing with the name calling and the downgrading of our people and Island,and in regards to doing something I find it rather hard for one person to step to the plate when you have a team of other persons who keep knocking down things on the Island
Posted by:May 5th 2009, 01:23:50 pm
MyBrilandIs this really what we are spending our time responding to? "Escorts...Hood Rats" Are you people serious?

Why was the original thread worth a response?

We have real social issues, some that Briland has never seen before. Some of us LOVE to suggest and comment on every post and don't have ONE thing to back it up. We are too negative! We talk everything, from teachers loosing passion and this and that, but seriously, what example are we showing? Just read the threads. Are you kidding me?


We make light of serious social issues that are causing a major decay in the fabric of what Harbour Island should really represent for us.

I am so disappointed in how casual we are with our comments while the very core of us is fading right before us.

Each of us could say why we love Briland. But really, how much longer before we all are saying, "you know what I ONCE loved about Briland." Get serious man!

Let's stop the nonsense!
Posted by:May 5th 2009, 10:53:41 am
Briland_AmbitionWhats Offensive Bonnie?
Posted by:May 4th 2009, 10:33:40 pm
brilandbeautyThose associated with Hood rats are usually called "scrubs"! You should be protecting "your" young women and trying to encourage them to be ladies...not condoning their short comings ...if any! Black crab syndrome rules on HI!
Posted by:May 4th 2009, 09:50:55 pm
BonnieA yeah guys,this is kind of offensive,eh?
Posted by:May 4th 2009, 07:39:50 pm
Briland_AmbitionLOL......didnt even think of that Richard P
Posted by:May 4th 2009, 01:46:16 pm
Richard PSpanish would have to move out of Mummys house first@!
Posted by:May 4th 2009, 01:34:58 pm
Briland_AmbitionSpanish inquisition I pray you dont have ANY sisters cause someone may be calling her a HOOD RAT
Posted by:May 4th 2009, 02:21:01 am
The spanish inquisitionbkd2112, you have to pay for escorts.

Briland has a lot of young hood rats you could have your way with for free.
Posted by:May 3rd 2009, 11:35:52 am
The PartymanGo to Amsterdam you freak. Totally inappropriate.

That being said, you can try trolling the streets of Spanish Wells on a Sunday and start asking the folks there your question. Get back to us later today and advise as to how that worked out. We also want visuals (preferably video) of your "soulmate search".

The PM likes fun as much asw the next bloke but you crossed the line.

I would hit you wit dat coconut ting um from behind the bar at Vic Hum.

I have seen some ladies of the night in Bimini. You can probbaly swim there from your apartment in Hialeah.

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