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Sip Sip lobster quesadillas
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Posted by:Aug 14th 2009, 11:10:24 pm
MaddieI know their clothes are great! My 3 year old grandson wears his t-shirt all the time and my daughter in law loves her tote bag!
Posted by:Aug 14th 2009, 09:48:31 pm
hobiecatWe've always had a great meal at Sip Sip and my husband loves wearing his Sip Sip t-shirt! Love the food and location!
Posted by:Aug 14th 2009, 08:03:35 pm
brilandbeautyI'm sorry but money is only experience that is edged into you mind...priceless!! I love the food, atmosphere and most of all the "unattentive staff" (it's me they ARE paying attention to) :-)
Posted by:Aug 14th 2009, 08:26:55 am
MaddieUgly American - you must live up to your name because I have never had any problems with the staff at Sip Sip.

We like it so much we had my son's rehearsal dinner there and were treated like royalty.

Maybe the staff is reacting to YOUR attitude towards them - life is a two way street you know.

You haven't lived until you've had one of there conch chili cheese dogs!
Posted by:Aug 13th 2009, 12:40:53 pm
Richard PIf you are eating hot dogs at this place, you were dropped on your head as a chgild, ..., but arent you the guy that loves seaweeed?????????
Posted by:Aug 13th 2009, 12:11:22 pm
UglyAmericanAhh, sip sip, with it's wonderful view, surly and unattentive staff and $30 hot dogs,..boy do I miss it (not)
Posted by:Aug 13th 2009, 12:10:50 pm
UglyAmericanAhh, sip sip, with it's wonderful view, surly and unattentive staff and $30 hot dogs,..boy do I miss it (not)
Posted by:Aug 11th 2009, 07:02:02 pm
hobiecatGreat recipe, Kimberly!
Posted by:Aug 11th 2009, 06:30:25 pm
KimberlyPiece of cake.

Take two duffel bags, stuff with t-shirts, pareo, bikini and trunks. Book two round-trip tickets from the stateside airport of your choice, and gently land at ELH in the afternoon. Shake Fine Threads gently, and he will transport you to Three Islands docks. Bake on ferryboat ride for ten minutes, and arrive at Briland government dock. Ask Reggie to drive due east over the hill to Ocean View Hotel, and park. The front doors of Sip Sip will be to your left.

love, Julie & Julia, Briland-style ;-)
Posted by:Aug 11th 2009, 02:13:33 pm
ChardonnayCan any one help me recreate Julie Lightbourne's fantastic lobster quesadillas?

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