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The New York Festival Chorus on Briland again?
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Posted by:Jan 13th 2003, 04:46:18 pm

That is a great idea, I don't think I have met him. Actually I have just started very preliminary work on the trip but wanted to know if the island would be in favor of the trip before I kicked into high year on this.

I will call Mr. Cooper and I was planning on getting in touch with the Ministry and the Promotions board. We could use all the help we can get and I would like to see us raise LOTS of money for local sponsers. I think the last trip with all the help from the island we raised almost $8,000 for the Day Nursery, and brought hundreds of dollars of books, toys and games as well. I asked the members to bring something to donate and since most of the members are parents they know how important the Day Nursery is to the parents there and the children.

I was thinking this trip we could come up with a schedule and of where and when we are singing and post it all over the island, that way tickets could be sold at the door, as well as in advance and I would love to include as many churches, the Library Fund, the Computer Center, and anywhere else we could help.

Thanks for reading this and your additional thoughts would be very welcomed.

Posted by:Jan 12th 2003, 11:24:21 pm
KimberlyHey, Tweedy .. best check in with local administrator Cephas Cooper [telephone 333 2275 or e-mail] before making any arrangements to bring the chorus down for a fundraising tour, just to make sure that you're making all of the right moves ...
Posted by:Jan 12th 2003, 09:13:10 am
MaddieI think it is a wonderful idea for the chorus to return to Harbour Island. I think you have tough decision to make as you might need to wait until the tourist rush is over to find beds for the chorus, BUT if the tourists are gone, so is a big part of your audience and your patrons...
Posted by:Jan 12th 2003, 05:12:45 am
tweedyAnyone have any thoughts on this at all? We have our conductor meeting with the chorus next week and thought it would be nice if we had at least a little feedback on this post.

Posted by:Jan 2nd 2003, 05:49:37 pm
tweedySo many members of the chorus have been asking me about the island, and the last time I was down several Brilanders asked if the chorus was comming down again, so thought I would post a question.

Would the island be interested in having the chorus again to sing LOTS of times all over the island, anywhere you have a spot, as many of you already know, we will sing......concerts, dinner, on the beach, dinner, churches, just give us a few people to listen and away we will go.

We were thinking the end of April might be good since the season is lightening up a bit and there could be room for us on the island.

This time, we would want to sing in more places and raise more money and of course the Day Nursery is one of our TOP priorities. We could also do a concert for the computer center and or the library.

We have a new guest conductor, and singers all we would need would be a bit of help in orgaizing and I am more than willing to do whatever I can.

We were also thinking about taking the ferry over and singing on the ferry to encourage day trippers to come have a listen and make a donation.

So,,,,,what do you think?

Much love to all there and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

Gail Tweedy

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