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Posted by:Oct 21st 2009, 12:50:06 pm
KimberlyFrom the short time that I worked in retail, I understood that grocery markups are approximately 100%, while clothing retailers markup often up to 250% of their wholesale price. Given the low sales volume of the markets in Briland, one can't expect blowouts very often.

As for comments as to the Coral Sands bread basket, it IS an entire meal and does feature a variety of breads ... it would cost the same in the U.S. or Europe. Did they perhaps mistakenly think that they were travelling to Belize ;-)?
Posted by:Oct 21st 2009, 12:01:34 am
Briland_AmbitionA merchant purchase a tin of cream for 0.33 cents (Out of Nassau) that being the orginal price after shipping it brings that total up to 0.66 cents That tin of cream in return can't be sold for 0.66 cents i have to add a profit other then the money that I would use to turn over to restock my store. A restaurant is a different story question there is how many products woulld i use to create one dish

SP I'll Excuse you because of your name i hope ou wasn't think i was being on point with the figures it was and example geesh!!!!!
Posted by:Oct 19th 2009, 09:11:22 am
006 porkand by the way the basket has about 5 kinds of bread i know i have been there before
Posted by:Oct 19th 2009, 09:08:53 am
006 porkwow you can hear a lot of bull i have seen coral sands menu and a bread is $12 watch wat you post make sure its true people do tell lies
Posted by:Oct 19th 2009, 03:00:41 am
The spanish inquisitionDammit, my math is off tonight, but I'm sure you can find a tin of cream on this island for $1.50
Posted by:Oct 19th 2009, 02:49:26 am
The spanish inquisitionI really hope those numbers aren't literal Briland ambition, cause if a tin of cream REALLY costs a merchant 66 cents, then why are they being sold for $1.25? That's MORE than DOUBLE the cost per tin. It may only sound like a little more than a dollar, but what if I want 4? Thats $5. 5 Tins will be $6.25. But like I said, I hope those aren't the actual numbers merchants pay per tin, cause that's just proof of how much the people are being ripped off. GREED! Anything people use regularly is jacked up in price over here (water, milk, cream etc)

But speaking of costs to restaurants though, I spoke with some tourists today, looking for lunch. I told them they could try any of the hotels that're still open, and they said they don't feel like being ripped off anymore. They said they went to coral sands for breakfast and were charged $60 for a bread basket. You may think they're exaggerating, but yesterday I heard a similar complaint about coral sands. Just goes to show the tourists aren't suckers either, but at least they don't have to live with these prices. Especially if they're from the US, they know how cheap things are, and even when adding the cost of importing, they know when they're being ripped off.
Posted by:Oct 16th 2009, 10:46:40 pm
HandsomeCanadianwe are all masters of our own destiny, and the more I read of ugly americans'; I wonder if his/her's should include time in a place like Briland. Where for the most part the people are endearing, the climate exceptional, and while the service may not be everyone's cup of tea, it has it's own charm, especially at JJ's where the truth is spoken
Posted by:Oct 16th 2009, 07:00:49 pm
ash12do you own a house on harbour island UGLY AMERICAN?
Posted by:Oct 16th 2009, 12:49:24 pm
Briland_AmbitionI Think the Name suits you!! You seem to Frustrated Not a good look!! Bare in mind that were on an out Island in the Bahamas things would be more costly, due to the fact that merchants get charged more due to shipping. (Somtimes it's good to sit and think then speak) or better yet place your self in the situation..

A merchant purchase a tin of cream for 0.33 cents (Out of Nassau) that being the orginal price after shipping it brings that total up to 0.66 cents That tin of cream in return can't be sold for 0.66 cents i have to add a profit other then the money that I would use to turn over to restock my store. A restaurant is a different story question there is how many products woulld i use to create one dish!!!!!
Posted by:Oct 16th 2009, 12:38:25 pm
The spanish inquisitionWell if a gallon of water is $2.50 (not $3.50 like I had said) and a loaf of bread is $4.50, it adds up to $7.00

Posted by:Oct 16th 2009, 10:53:47 am
UglyAmericanunfortunately I was not referring to bad service in the USA (or Mongolia or East Timor for that matter) I was referring to the horrible service, trashed beach and idiotic quad/jetski operators on "pink sand" beach who are doing their best to keep the fools that would pay $3000 a night to stay at Pink Sands away.
Posted by:Oct 16th 2009, 05:28:29 am
ash12i,ve seen a half gallon of milk for $5.00 and a loaf of bread for $4.50. thats in just about all of the can get horrible service from anywhere in the big USA. so where not alone in that catagory! its worlwide. briland is special why UA keeps pointing it out to us people on this island
Posted by:Oct 16th 2009, 01:11:31 am
KimberlyWhere are you shopping that a loaf of bread and a gallon of water costs you $7?
Posted by:Oct 16th 2009, 12:59:13 am
The spanish inquisitionWell UA, we know the same people on the jet skis and quads will be coming back.
As for nearly getting hit, I have to go through that every day when I'm in the US, just crossing the street (the sign says I can walk, but people still drive who're turning right, instead of waiting for the crosswalk to be clear).

Now, for regatta time, we gotta be grateful for the Bahamians coming down, filling all the open hotels up and spending their money.

I've personally never seen the beach "Trashed", but after any event (here or in the US) there is litter galore, and it gets dealt with by clean up crews.

Now, I'm sorry if anyone nearly got hit by anything, but if they get disgruntled and try to teach us a lesson by not returning, truth be told, we got scores of people WILLING TO PAY DOUBLE TO COME AND TAKE THEIR PLACE.

Now I've never been to sip sip, but we're mostly a capitalist nation. Just like in the US, if I were to charge $50 for a haircut, I can, and there are people willing to pay that. That's how I guess sip sip is staying in business, they wouldn't be if they weren't making money. I'm more enraged when items needed just to live day to day are so expensive on the island. I mean, $3.50 FOR A GALLON OF WATER? I can get my 5 gallon filled for under $2.00 in the US. But our prices aren't regulated by any governing body (government or private). If they were, the people charging whatever they please, WHO have a specific clientele would not be free to charge whatever they want. So the question is, do we have regulate the prices, making it harder for entrepreneurs, but easier for the people? I mean, pink sands has 2 bed room spaces available for $3,000 per nigh, PLUS A %20 TAX/SERVICE CHARGE. But they have people who are willing to pay this, and do it. Who are we to get mad if we can't afford it? That's luxury. If I just want t a place to stay, I'll go to Tingum Village. If I can't afford Pink sands, I have to go somewhere else. If I can't afford a room for regatta but came anyway, I gotta sleep on my golf cart. Personally, I don't give two shits about the luxurious. I get mad when a gallon of water and a loaf of bread costs me $7.
Posted by:Oct 15th 2009, 08:00:30 pm
ash12the good thing is, we dont have to depend on your bucks to survive. we know how you think about us people on this island. why dont you worry about where you reside in the big USA. your prayers will never come true! again peopl will always come back to SWEET BRILAND
Posted by:Oct 15th 2009, 07:26:58 pm
UglyAmericanyup, keep on telling yourself that,...that way when people stop coming because of the ridiculous prices, horrible service and trashed beach you can blame it on something else
Posted by:Oct 15th 2009, 06:07:27 pm
ash12dont you mean way to go you people!? no matter what you say or think,,people will always comeback to briland
Posted by:Oct 15th 2009, 02:53:18 pm
UglyAmericanNice job over "regatta" everyone, quads on the beach at 100 mph and jetskis hugging the shore almost hitting tourists, people really know how to keep everyone coming back to "briland".

Heck, the great "service" at Valentines and the $30 hotdogs at SipSip is enough to make someone want to shell out 10 mill for a place on the beach!

Don't worry, the recession won't last forever, there'll be a whole new crop of pigeons to feed on soon!

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