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Life of Jay Jay Percentie
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Posted by:Nov 3rd 2009, 09:37:28 pm
The spanish inquisitionWho is Joseph-John Humphrey William Roberts II and who is Jay-Jay Percentie? BAHAMAS| Featured Article: Jay-Jay Percentie

PartySpree: Who is Joseph-John Humphrey William Roberts II and who is Jay-Jay Percentie?

Jay-Jay Percentie: Joseph-John is the foundation. It's his abilities, resources and experiences that have created Jay-Jay Percentie. Joseph-John
is really smart and driven. Jay-Jay Percentie dances on table tops, and gets the crowd going. He makes no apologies and always ready for something new and exciting. Joseph-John takes the time to plan and make things happen. He's serious.

PS: Why do you prefer Jay-Jay? Why not Joe or Joseph-John?

JJP: I really do not have a preference on what to be called. Joseph-John H.W. Roberts II looks great on paper. On the other hand Jay-Jay is so easy. It sounds good and it sells. I like it!

PS: What does a "Lifestylist" do?

JJP: We work.... A lot. What we do best is create an environment that allows a client to enjoy the ultimate experience by utilizing resources not available to the average person. Its very similar to a concierge but it's on a level that most people can not even think about.

PS: Describe your day as the official Island Beau of Harbour Island.

JJP: I would love to say that I sleep until 12 noon, have lunch at Pink Sands, socialize, shop, go to the beach, go to dinner at the
Landing then have drinks at Rock House. However, I am not my clients. I awake at about 6:30 a.m. and on the go by 8:00 a.m. I have my double espresso with milk and sugar, touch base with my vendors to get updates, cross-reference notes and make bookings. (I also do this to show off my outfit and to get insight on what's happening and who is on the island). Next, it's office time... emails, phone calls, and faxes. The most exciting part of my day is dinner. With who, where and what should I wear?

PS: Describe your clients.

JJP: Demanding, detailed, wealthy (know the difference between rich and wealthy), yet open minded to the culture of the island... and
they tip. These are people that have homes around the world, a global express on the runway... but they want to be on a three mile island and eat conch. You cannot bullshit them. They can spot a fake from a mile away. They want you to be yourself and enjoy being able to live the experiences you go through. They are genuine people who care about the well-being of the people around them. And did I mention they tip!!!

PS: You've met, worked for, and been inspired by royalty and some of the world's most beautiful people. Who were your favorites?

JJP: India Hicks and Chantal Miller are my favorites. They are very supportive.

PS: Describe the event "Pink Sands". What was your motivation?

JJP: This is island chic at its best. Not too much. I wanted to create a atmosphere that my friends would enjoy. We had to put this together
in less than four hours... It was crazy but fun.

PS: What does Harbour Island mean to you?

JJP: H.I. is home and yes I do plan on owning an estate on the beach down the Narrows.

PS: You live on an island that is an escape for so many people. Where do you escape to?

JJP: My room has always been my escape. When I am in my room, It's all about me. When I really need to escape... the Sagamore in South
Beach (I have to stay in 501 or 610 - its a must) or the Savannah House on Windermere Island. This house was designed by David Hicks in the 70's. It makes you feel like a movie star.

PS: What makes your life worth living?

JJP: Writing my own script make me get up each day and creating a life that others would enjoy living. I hope everyone can benifit
from my success.

What comes to mind when I say:

PS: Ma Ruby
JJP: Cheese Burger in Paradise.

PS: Bay Street
JJP: I love the view of Eleuthera and the old homes.

PS: Vic-Hum
JJP: My connection to the real Bahamian way of life.

PS: Ron Pearlman
JJP: I want to be like him someday.... I love Mr. P.

PS: Jay-Jay Percentie
JJP: A Lifestyle. Make my life, your lifestyle.
Posted by:Nov 3rd 2009, 08:02:33 pm
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