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crime watch committee
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Posted by:Feb 27th 2010, 06:49:14 pm
Fig Tree News TeamToday's Nassau Tribune

Prisoners should earn their own keep

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Published On:Friday, February 26, 2010

IN DEBATING the Planning and Subdivisions Bill in the Senate yesterday Mrs Alyson Maynard Gibson stated the obvious: There is no point in planning wonderful communities if people will not be safe in their own homes.

She pointed out five areas, which in her opinion, had to be dealt with before the proposed Bill would have any meaning.

Of course, crime headed the list. She read the headlines of the two daily newspapers for February 23 and 24 -- home invasion, murder, robberies and stabbings. Turn to today's front page and there's little else to read but crime -- murder in South Beach, cutlass attack on a tourist in Harbour Island, shooting in Carmichael, and thief who tried to attack the police in San Souci, killed.

She also recommended the obvious: Anyone who shoots or threatens a policeman, or attacks or threatens a judge should be tried immediately. The man who broke into a policeman's home recently should also be tried immediately.

Secondly, accused murderers should not be let out on bail. Instead they should get an immediate trial.

It was obvious to the community and discouraging to the police that a person with a serious criminal record let lose on a community would create mayhem. Which one of you would hire a person with a criminal record -- especially one accused of murder or other acts of violence? The answer is none of you. Yet, these are human beings with all the natural urges of hunger, thirst, the need to support a family and to have a job to be able to do so. Everyone knows that a hungry, desperate man will steal -- and, depending on his desperation, will also kill. The community knows this. But apparently the courts did not.

Today almost every crime we report has been committed by someone out on bail. At times the victim, with a long criminal record, is awaiting trial when he is overtaken by another bailed criminal. This one ends the first man's life of crime with a bullet -- always with an unlicensed gun, illegally obtained.

It is not unusual to be told by a resident. "Oh, I know him, he mother live next door. He's a real tief, a menace to us around here, he always in and out of prison."

And so as long as these criminals are always in and out of prison, they will always be a menace to a community, and extra work for the police, who are discouraged by having to keep hunting them down and returning them to prison -- a prison they should have never left. So no one should be surprised at what is happening in this community today. But how to stop it?

Some cynic commented recently: "Oh, but they are killing each other!" Yes, they are killing each other and saving the courts time, but in the meantime, innocent citizens are being caught in the cross-fire.

Many years ago an English superintendent headed HM Prison, and an English superintendent, we believe his name was Capt. Holland, headed what was then known as the Boys Industrial School. These two men made the inmates -- the men and the boys -- earn their own keep. The prisoners grew their own food. We believe that this is still done on a smaller scale at the prison today.

With the need to reduce our food imports, and with all the Crown land that government has, it would seem reasonable that a large acreage should be set aside to be worked by the inmates, especially those on remand. This farm should be able to supply the island with its fruits and vegetables, which could be sold with part proceeds going to the prisoners to support their families and the remainder to pay government rent for their stay at HM prison.

It would be a security risk to turn all the prisoners -- even under armed guard -- on the farm at the same time. They should, therefore, be taken out in relays.

The late Sir Etienne Dupuch worked with one of the prison superintendents to get the prisoners to make toys for his Santa Claus Committee to distribute to poor children in the community at Christmas time.

These toys were quite professional -- wheels turned, little horns on trucks honked, there were wooden animals on wheels at the end of a string for small children to pull around behind them. They were all beautifully painted.

The prisoners enjoyed the work. It made them feel that they were not only a part of the community, but also making a contribution.

And the Santa Claus committee volunteers took great pride in wrapping the prisoners' toys and decking them out with ribbons and bows. To the committee women these were very special gifts that deserved special treatment.

These social misfits, who got off life's train at the wrong stop, need not be a financial drain on the community if some thought and planning could go into helping them earn their keep during their period of rehabilitation.
Posted by:Feb 27th 2010, 01:05:57 am
Fig Tree News TeamCongratulations to Eddie Major, Darrel Johnson and Ashley Percentie of the Briland Crime Watch Patrol for their agile assistance in such quick apprehension of the suspects here.

And many thanks to June Cartwright at the Briland Ministry of Tourism office for providing much-needed psychological support to the victims and their families.

Briland CAN and will work through this.
Posted by:Feb 26th 2010, 10:05:54 pm
Half A LaughI think that the crime watch committee is doing a good job. The Police works hard in bringing the crimals before the courts.
Posted by:Feb 26th 2010, 07:22:32 pm
ash12wow! we have alot of quick responses as it relates to crime. 99% percent of crimes solved is due to community effort and involvment.
Posted by:Feb 26th 2010, 05:23:47 pm
BonefishABC News & AP run story about home of the friendly people

US Tourist Wounded in Bahamas Machete Attack
US tourist wounded by machete-wielding robbers inside Bahamas bed-and-breakfast
The Associated Press
NASSAU, Bahamas

Bahamas police say machete-wielding robbers wounded an American tourist during a break-in at the bed-and-breakfast where he was staying.

The victim is identified as Eddie Bryant of Stamford, Connecticut. He has been airlifted to Florida for treatment of a deep gash on his right arm.

A police statement says Bryant was attacked around 2 a.m. Thursday on Harbour Island. The exclusive island is known for its 3-mile (2-kilometer) pink-sand beach.

Two suspects have been detained, and the Royal Bahamas Police Force has dispatched three detectives from Nassau, the capital, to help with investigations.

Local lawmaker Alvin Smith said Friday that the community of 2,000 people has had nine burglaries in the last week.

Copyright 2010 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

Posted by:Feb 26th 2010, 01:05:09 pm
KimberlyHi, Maddie.

It may not be all that cut-and-dry ... details are still coming in.

We're getting updates on the recent situation, but apparently two construction crews (one American, one Bahamian group) are staying at the Tingum Village while working on a number of area building projects.

Apparently the carousing got pretty rowdy the other night, words were bandied about, and a fight broke out. We have no word on what started it as yet, but will let the board know as soon as the news is confirmed.
Posted by:Feb 25th 2010, 11:42:22 pm
MaddieI've said this before...

If the people who come to vacation on Harbour Island don't feel safe, they will leave and take the money they were going to spend on Harbour Island with them!

Then where will you all be?

Wake up Briland - make your wonderful island safe again!
Posted by:Feb 25th 2010, 02:41:38 pm
ash12CRIME!CRIME!CRIME! what has briland come to now?! a guest had to be flown out to nassau because of injuries. I sure hope the the courts be swift in these cases!
Posted by:Dec 7th 2009, 02:27:28 pm
ash12disclosing personal info! what a joke!
Posted by:Dec 7th 2009, 02:24:15 pm
ash12so must i tapp the criminals on they,re backs for robbing someone!BOOTY CALLS, no who,s spreading the gossip?!read and understand what i have posted! i did,nt say that i saw anyone coming out,ve any house. i,m hear listening to the people rejoicing!. how do you know if it is infact MY own PEOPLE who,s rejoicing!? NOTE ( I SAID LOCALS, MEANING ANY PERSON THAT RESIDE ON THE ISLAND) it is the crooks spreading the foolishness not the crime watch people! now how do you know what happened around four in the morning?! if you have any info you can go to the police yourself. or is it gossip also?!
Posted by:Dec 7th 2009, 11:33:50 am
jenkinsNow i commend their afffords, but i have a problem with the first comment. Ash 12 stop putting down your own people, i am sure they are not rejoicing they just have an opinion.

It has been said that this so called 'crime watch' are disclosing personal information, and spreading it around, they are supposed to be watching CRIME..not booty calls, its not your business crime watch to spread all over the world whose house you saw anyone coming out of at 4 in the morning!

Do your jobs, stop gossiping!!
Posted by:Dec 4th 2009, 06:10:09 pm
ash12apparently there was a break in at a local business establishment. the funniest thing is we have some locals who are rejoicing over the petty crime! police johnson commended our team for our assistance, said that since we,ve started the crime watch program the breakins has been down significantly. The foolish residents who are rejoicing over someone else,s pain! i hope when it happens to them! they would still rejoice.say that (yeah they protecting the white people homes and the theives hitting the natives) how pathetic does that sound! i told a fool today that crime is crime. dope peddling,stealing golf carts,breaking in homes,accepting stolen items. are all criminal offense,s
Posted by:Nov 30th 2009, 09:40:50 pm
brilandbeautyIs it illegal to profile the workers that we have move here for jobs? Or anyone that that takes up residency? We have no idea who these peopel are and what they have dine befre. Didn't the police find one or two "wanted" men living/visiting here? Great job guys...
Posted by:Nov 29th 2009, 10:49:44 pm
ash12thanks! much abliged! again this is a fight that belongs to natives and winter residents in my view! we all are in this together. crime does,nt pay!!!!
Posted by:Nov 29th 2009, 03:48:10 pm
Fig Tree News TeamThanks, Ash12!

Word just in that two sets of battery-operated Cobra 9-mile range walkie-talkies and several sets of AAA batteries were donated by Elkanah Burns.
Posted by:Nov 25th 2009, 03:14:19 pm
ash12There,s A meeting at the parish hall tonight at 7:30pm.
Posted by:Nov 25th 2009, 09:26:04 am
MaddieMy hat is off to them for stepping forward to help Briland!
If the crime gets too bad the tourists will go away and so will the money they spend on Harbour Island - so I hope the Brigade is vigilant!
Posted by:Nov 24th 2009, 10:45:53 pm
ernieit is good to see that men and women fron briland are concerned about the current level of crime in the entire bahamas, thank you all especially to the assistant secretary, prince mather.
Posted by:Nov 24th 2009, 03:09:16 pm
KimberlyCongratulations to all of the newly-minted members of the brand-new Crime Watch Brigade ... go, Briland!
Posted by:Nov 24th 2009, 12:38:57 pm
ash12This is the newly elelcted members of BCWC. members are as follows:
Ashley Percentie Chairman 553-1533
Eddie Major - Asst Chariman 333-3635
Martin Grant - Scretary
Prince Mather Asst Secretary - Mario Grant - Treasurer
Anthnoy Dean - Asst Treasurer - 333-2604. we have a group of concerned men and women on board. other interrested persons wanting to join can contact members on the committee. please join us in our efforts to fight crime on briland. ASHLEY PERCENTIE

Contact us online at