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sad news.
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Posted by:Apr 5th 2010, 03:40:21 pm
KimberlyHi, CShoreGal. No one's posts are censored or edited here, but you will get enthusiastic responses to your notes if you wake up the crabs! The Blaisdells have been a discreet part of Harbour Island history for several decades.
Posted by:Apr 3rd 2010, 03:45:01 pm
LoyaltyDear cshoregal, What ever happen to loyalty and respect? I'm tired of seeing locals being taken advantage of, when all they offer is hospitality. It's sad how inventors come to Harbour Island, make their money and leave the Island. What do the locals benefit after that? Yes! It does boost up the economy of the Island with construction and housekeeping, yet it takes away from what the locals' forefathers worked so hard for. It seems to me that you are looking out for the investors and ignoring how loyal the locals are and how they have earned their place on Harbour Island, maybe it's because you benefit from the investors and you are looking out for your well being. Facts are the locals deserve a piece of the pie!
Posted by:Apr 1st 2010, 12:03:26 pm
cshoregalDear Lutra Annie, Sorry I don't know ALL the facts but you might want to
ask Richard P as he seems to know ALL the facts.
Posted by:Apr 1st 2010, 11:22:50 am
cshoregalRichard P. Isn't this a public forum? Good or bad? Are you the administrator of this public forum or do you just want to edit it? Just asking, please don't take offense. Just want to get the FACTS.
Posted by:Apr 1st 2010, 11:16:14 am
cshoregalRichard P. Like I said SOME people and Amelie I didn't mention the housekeeper. So I don't know what your talking about,nor do I want to.
On another note Thank you Thank you Harvey Ottman on your book, it is Beautiful! I've only been going to Bri for a short while and like the natives in you book it's the Beautiful Islanders I have come to meet and know. Thanks for sharing your book.
Posted by:Apr 1st 2010, 11:07:32 am
cshoregalDear AMeile and Richard. I do know the facts! And out of respect from a request the last post was removed. So maybe you should get your facts straight as I have heard differently from Very reliable sources> the problem is most people don't like to hear the truth because it hurts, I empathize with that. The only reason I posted because I did get the facts and some people were extremely hurt by the actions of others and it was then layed upon my ears and shoulders. Perhaps by me posting it lessens the burden on me. I'm already being asked to not comment on the modem anymore, so since when has freedom of speech been taken out of our free society. This post isn't meant to offend anyone, and if it was taken out of context then that is their interpretation. Just as one looks at a painting it is what the eye of the admirer interprets.
Posted by:Mar 30th 2010, 07:09:31 pm
AmelieIf you know the housekeeper the house was sold without paying into national INsurence board for the workers, for thirty years. i would be upset as well.
Posted by:Mar 30th 2010, 11:53:39 am
Richard PIs this another one of those episodes where you ramble about the Blasdell house and then come back a week later and tell you have no right to say what you said again? WHy must you air people business everywhere esp since at least in the past you dont appear to have any of the facts? if you have something to say, say it./
Posted by:Mar 30th 2010, 08:38:16 am
Lutra AnnieWhat happened with the sale of 1/2 and 1/2. Please give details.
Posted by:Mar 29th 2010, 11:05:47 pm
cshoregalsorry to hear 1/2 and 1/2 was sold. Even more sorry to hear that some locals had their hands out, and not thankful for gratuities they recieved. That is so sad to hear. For they know not how fortunate they are to live on a paradise Island with some beautiful Islanders. May they be forgiven for their selfishness. Maybe the American Way has spoiled them, too bad.

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