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Hello, Briland: News From Guana Cay
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Posted by:Jan 20th 2003, 10:55:46 pm
Nancy from GuanaMonday morning, kids on 8AM school ferry in long pants, big fleece jackets - temps in the 60's with a brisk 20 knot NW wind. The old-fashioned Bahamian winter is back - just like with you guys stateside. Except our Bahamian sun can "warm you heart and soul" even in January.

Yesterday, Sunday, Abaco paid it's last respects to the Albury family members killed in the USAir plane crash in North Carolina. It was a huge, well planned and organized event that mixed the youthful exuburance reflected in the stories, music, and poems for 3 fine people taken so young and the old-fashioned Abaconian traditions in song, prayers, and the stoic strength and courage shown by this extraordinary family. The prime minister, Mr. Perry Christie attended as did many cabinet members, as well as well over 1,000 people. The Caitlin Memorial Fund has been set up, with a board of directors for Abaco children and families in special need of education funds or funds for health care. Many stateside hardware suppliers have already donated to this fund, and indeed yesterday, one of Abaco Hardware's stateside suppliers spoke at the funeral about the fund.

Here on our Guana Cay, it has been the traditional quiet time of January. Saturday night however, a huge party was hosted at Ridge House for "Go Joe's" 60th birthday. The entire island invited, Brown Tip's Rake and Scrape Band played. Fun, too much fun in my case, was had by all. On Thursday of last week, all the Bahamian women on the island had a lovely luncheon for Miss Dolly's 87th birthday and Miss Thyra's 54th birthday. They had it at the Mermaid Cafe and I loved to watch just how much the younger generation takes care of it's elders. Miss Dolly's house blew down in Hurricane Floyd and she lives in Marsh Harbour now. She looks amazing for her age and the rugged life she has lived prior to the advent of tourism in the Abacos. Thyra had a blast at her party too. Also, last week another islander turned 40 - Jeffrey's Suzanne! Aubrey's Landing Bar on Fisher's Bay is still in full swing. We rebuilt the bar in island limestone and concrete - it looks great and Aubrey looks very regal indeed behind it. Glenda's daughter (Glenda used to own the old Guana Beach Resort, years and years ago back when it was just called "The Club") got married in a beautiful service on Saturday, and Jimmy's Donna has started a business putting together weddings - soup to nuts. She is great at it and We will all use and love her services for the weddings we host on the cay. A big one is scheduled for first weekend in May - the entire island is booked! Guana All-Age School had a bingo night for the island on Friday and the PTA has Friday movie nights and and stuff planned for the kids upcoming. Marlana Bethal is a dynamo for all the kids on the island. My kids go to her house on Friday night movie night - they all lay on the floor on pillows and they have such a great time.

The crawfishermen are out again - left a couple weeks ago. The new Pinder's fish market in the settlement looks first class. Edmond and Milo renovated Milo's Yellow gift shop - tile floors, all brand new equipment, new siding, new paint. This fish market is just what the island needs. It is going to be great. Milo's crops this year are fantastic. Tomotoes big as your fist and red-ripe just like Americans like em' (Bahamians prefer them yellow-red and not as ripened).

Troy at Dive Guana has a new little rental boat - forget the name of it right now - "Sparkie" or something like that. Everyone continues to spruce up for the new season - I hear Nippers has a new killer "Philly" cheesesteak sandwich. Mermaid Cafe has a new casual, pub-style menu, and no we haven't opened Blue Water yet. Booms and busts of the fall winter season wreck havoc on company funds and so we will wait for springtime which provides steadier income to support start-up food and booze inventories, salaries, bills etc. It really is a science out here and none of these businesses in the end, really make a ton of money. Winter sunsets have been killer too. Will post some this week.

Not just a "chamber of commerce" message, but the phone has been ringing like crazy for reservations - all of us. So that is great news for the Bahamian economy as food on the table is literally provided by tourism. Prospects of war, US recession can really destablize things out here. But it looks like people are thinking about "moving around" again, so lets all hope for the best. Keep all our soldiers and the people of the world safe and let peace, faith, hope and love prevail.

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