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Passages: J. Wallace Tutt
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Posted by:Jun 21st 2010, 01:20:49 pm
Karen242My prayers go out to Don and all of Wallace's family. He will never be forgotten, but a spark is forever gone from this world for no one could light up a room like Wallace Tutt. Rest in peace, my friend.
Posted by:Jun 20th 2010, 02:49:19 pm
Fig Tree News TeamSharon King, reporting from the memorial in South Beach (Miami):

SO beautiful, SO classy ... Fountainbleu Hotel gorgeous! I went through hotel lobby (WOW) and into the Sparkle Room. Maybe 200 chairs covered in white ... an altar set up with two HUGE White orchid flower arrangements ... then a shiny black casket covered in white orchids. Huge picture of Wallace reflected on the wall behind the casket. A room full of such beautiful people ... dressed so tastefully ... you just knew that they must be "SOMEBODY"! Wonderful lady pastor, a friend of Wallace, Rev. Melissa Pisco, spoke so fondly of her friendship with him and how he was helping her to revamp her church school. She conducted the ceremony ... the theme was that Wallace's life was like a tapestry, weaving so many people together. Wallace's niece sang THE ROSE ... beautiful! Then Don went to the microphone and said a few wonderful things about how he met Wallace in 1995. Don did well and held himself together. He then said that he had 5 friends come up to the altar or stage, and they would read some of the wonderful tributes that he had received honoring Wallace. Robert DeNiro, Diane von Furstenberg, Cher, David Copperfield, Bonnie Hudson, and so many more from people I had never heard of so cannot remember their names. Don ended this part of the ceremony by saying "He could just see Wallace and his friend Versace redecorating Heaven." Then his niece, Jill, sang Amazing Grace ... and the Memorial was over.

Rock House will reopen on the 28th, after a ceremony on Harbour Island on the 26th at the Methodist Church.
Posted by:Jun 17th 2010, 12:58:21 am
KimberlyMemorial details online:

Rest in peace.
Posted by:Jun 14th 2010, 08:59:01 pm
Fig Tree News TeamYes. Wallace passed away on Saturday morning. Please let his family and friends grieve him with respect and honor, after which they will be more than happy to answer any and all necessary questions.

Posted by:Jun 14th 2010, 07:09:34 pm
snowyAny more details on his death?
Posted by:Jun 14th 2010, 07:43:16 am
MaddieHow sad! We will all miss him so much. All his hard work on Harbour Island will not be forgotten.
Posted by:Jun 13th 2010, 09:47:37 am
Tuck ShopAll I can say is WOW!!!! My thoughts go out to Don and all the other people in Wallace's life. This is sad news.

Posted by:Jun 13th 2010, 08:05:19 am
KimberlyFrom the Miami Herald:

J. Wallace Tutt III, a South Florida interior designer and developer whose elegant, understated style attracted a celebrity clientele that included Cher, Gianna Versace, and Robert De Niro, died Saturday morning in the Bahamas.

Tutt, 53, lived on a private island he owned off of Harbour Island. He also maintained a penthouse on Miami Beach's Sunset Harbor.

Tutt's most recent local accomplishment was the renovation of The Angler's hotel, completed in 2007. But for the past several years, he had been spending much of his time at his Bahamian masterpiece: The Rock House, a 1940s-era house that Tutt converted into a luxury boutique hotel.

A worker who answered the phone at The Rock House said the hotel has been emptied and will be closed for the next couple of days in light of Tutt's death.

``The staff is devastated,'' said the worker, who declined to give her name saying she was unauthorized to speak on behalf of the hotel.

Tutt spoke fondly of the Bahamas in a 2005 Miami Herald interview.

``I felt secure there,'' he said.

A native of Nanafalia, Ala., Tutt attended the University of Alabama and received his law degree from Cumberland School of Law in Birmingham.

He began renovating homes in Washington, D.C., while working for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

He gave up practicing law and formed his own renovation and development company. He moved to Miami Beach in the late 1980s.

Friends remember the designer as both a talented entrepreneur and, more importantly, a fiercely loyal friend who was the life of any party.

``You knew it wasn't going to be boring,'' said Sehres, who met Tutt through mutual friends in 1989, when both were new arrivals on the Miami Beach scene. ``You went along because you knew there was always going to be something. There were moments where you'd go, `How'd we get here?' ''

Among them: running wild in Versace's South Beach mansion when the iconic fashion designer wasn't home, breaking items in Cher's La Gorce Island home and gluing them back together, and almost sinking when they ran aground in a boat in the middle of the Caribbean.

Tutt's flair for design was visible even in his personal life. If he had a party, Tutt's attention to detail meant the entire setting, from the silverware to the wait staff, was perfect.

``It was one of those things that was just inside of him,'' said Sehres, who added that Tutt's influence can be seen throughout Miami Beach, most notably The Angler's hotel.

``There's places I go in town and I know, `This is Wallace Tutt.' ''

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