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Vic Hum Is Shut Down By Police?
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Posted by:Sep 28th 2010, 11:14:39 am
Sue R.Any news on this?! Oh, Briland won't be the same with the "Wicum" all closed up!!! :-((
Posted by:Sep 6th 2010, 03:21:37 pm
Posted by:Aug 30th 2010, 04:17:22 pm
Fig Tree News Team
Briland bar is shut down by police

Published On:Monday, August 30, 2010

Tribune Staff Reporter

AN infamous and world-renowned bar at Harbour Island was closed this weekend, just one casualty in what is expected to be a slate of new initiatives concerning law enforcement in the Family Islands.

The Vic-Hum Club was shut down by the police early Saturday morning and its owner Humphrey Percentie Jr was arrested and charged for not having a valid liquor license.

The club, founded in 1955 by Humphrey Percentie Jr's father, was said to have hosted many well-known Bahamian musicians and bands including: The Diatones, the Coral Sandpipers, Ronnie Butler and Smokey 007.

Etched along the bar are the names of international celebrities who have visited the club such as Mick Jagger and Maxi Priest.

Mr Percentie Jr acknowledged the charge - which he attributed to a clerical error.

He recalled the last time Vic-Hum was shut down was also due to licensing stipulations.

Mr Percentie Jr said: "My music and dancing license was signed but my liquor license wasn't signed. They pulled up in the truck and carried away all my beverages - even water, everything to drink, soda, juice. I was locked up for 48 hours - no ventilation."

Police stationed at Harbour Island were unable to disclose information concerning Mr Percentie Jr's arrest or the status of the club.

Leon Bethel, head of the Crime Detection Unit, confirmed actions taken were based on intelligence gathered by an investigative team from Nassau which is currently on the island, and in tandem with the local licensing authority.

Mr Percentie Jr said: "They shut me down two years ago in August, same kinda thing licensing stipulations - there were a lot of Cubans in town at that time."

The club's charm has been recognised by world-renowned travel publications such as Conde Nast Traveller and Frommers - all praising Vic-Hum's authentic 'dive' decor.

On his website, resident Robert Arthur wrote fondly of the club and its founder.

He wrote: "Frommer's description of the Vic-Hum as a dive only begins to hint at the glorious, unrestrained, ramshackle, faded excess of this place and its larger-than-life owner Humphrey 'Hitler' Percentie.

"Hitler has long dreamed of turning this mostly-locals place into a tourist attraction. The crowd outside might give you pause, but if you enter the front door on Barracks Street and step through the pool room into the inner sanctum where Hitler holds court, you can be assured of a hearty greeting, a decent rum punch, and a decor that will bring tears to the eyes of those who yearn for how things used to be on tiny islands."

Mr Percentie Jr is expected to appear in court on Wednesday.

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