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Posted by:Jul 28th 2011, 03:20:57 pm
KimberlyMassive hugs all around :-) ... you're too cool to get upset with, Smitty!
Posted by:Jul 28th 2011, 02:28:30 pm
smittyYou're really something else, Kim.You could've gotten angry with me about my last post,maybe you did but you handled it like the real pro that you are.I was VERY worried That I'd pushed too hard.But It was too late to take it back, and I wanted to. How lucky I am to know someone like you.
Posted by:Jul 28th 2011, 11:27:02 am
KimberlyYep, the Modem was launched in 1999 to specifically talk about short and long-term issues facing Harbour Island and local Brilanders, and you've had a front-row seat to the community's growing pains.

My mom's selling the property, not me ... I'm hoping to win the lottery in the meantime :-).
Posted by:Jul 27th 2011, 04:25:08 pm
smittyHave to admit it's been a while, but can only go by what I've read on the modem and it ain't that great.As far as gracing HI with my presence I rather think that's thru greeted teeth, right.You stop selling,I'll stop ragging.Deal? Cheers..
Posted by:Jul 25th 2011, 04:25:51 pm
KimberlyDearest Smitty, when last did you grace us with your fair presence? A lot has changed in these past few years ;-) ... cheers!

Jef sends his regards.
Posted by:Jul 25th 2011, 09:54:39 am
smittySounds like you've been around,but the problems I'm thinking about on HI won't care how many wars,etc you've covered.Watch you're six...
Posted by:Jul 22nd 2011, 10:57:42 pm
ColinSmitty, I am naive. It's one of hte reasons I've always loved Briland. After living in East Africa for almost seven years, covering wars, famines and coups, there aint much I haven't seen...
Posted by:Jul 22nd 2011, 10:56:10 pm
ColinKimberly, Can we get South House March 10-24 (or whatever the move-in days would mean?) Thanks! My email is
Posted by:Jul 22nd 2011, 11:52:21 am
smittyThis ain't the old days. I'll pray for him.
Posted by:Jul 21st 2011, 05:14:32 pm
KimberlyHah -- Colin's family was a regular at Runaway Hill for decades, so the two of you ought to catch up on the old days when you get a chance ;-).

Posted by:Jul 21st 2011, 10:42:40 am
smittyHow'd you guess?I gotta change my image...but always great to get a reaction from you, Kim.Poor guy sounds naive to me.
Posted by:Jul 20th 2011, 08:43:44 pm
KimberlyWell, the old Briland can still be found in fits and starts ;-) ... check our houses at when you get a chance. Smitty's just miffed that the house vodka is a rum, so don't mind him.
Posted by:Jul 20th 2011, 10:47:36 am
smittyRead the archives, partner.You'll get the message.Find a life elsewhere.
Posted by:Jul 20th 2011, 10:24:20 am

Umm. Goombays by the bay. Bottom fishing with my son and Herman Higgs. That beach place where I can go snorkeling and see live reef just off shore. Pompano fishing in the morning... Anything I should know to keep us away?
Posted by:Jul 20th 2011, 09:28:53 am
smittyIf you know Briland pretty well why on earth would you even want to go there??
Posted by:Jul 19th 2011, 10:47:21 pm
ColinHi folks. We are looking for a three bedroom house for mid March 2012. Feel free to bombard me with possibilities! Bear in mind we know Briland pretty well and are unlikely to favor noisy places. Thank you.

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