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Results of February 4th Library Restoration Meeting
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Posted by:Feb 6th 2003, 08:34:58 am
JudyThe 3rd meeting ;was held on Tuesday, February 4 with new and welcome faces. This is great to see! Here are some of the items reported and recommended. A draft of the Constitution for establishing a "Friends of the Library" organization was read. Copies are available at the Council office for all to read and review. It will be voted on at the next general meeting. This sets forth a permanent framework for the operation and management of the library into the future. It calls for a President, V-President, Secretary, Treasureer; election and duties of are set; membership and voting; standing committees; and a board of trustees to ensure the financial future.
The library is closed for renovation work and book sorting and cataloging. There will be coordination of the Bldg. and Grounds Committee's work and the Book Committee's book sorting and processing.
24 renovation projects are underway. Glenroy, Magolda and Thomas are leading the way - an electrician and a plumber have inspected the site again and are offering their help. Materials are to be provided by the government and the committee. Four (4) fundraising events have been recommended: boat sale/auction, Feb. 22; "library festival", April 5th; auction (major event), April ll; and a raffle of a handmade children's book case. We are rolling!!
First year budget is being compiled--a "wish list" of books, building materials, and library equipment is being prepared . Many people want to "pitch in" and help and are beginning to ask for tangible ways to assist.
Our notecards along with an informational letter describing the library's renovation progress is being taken to hotels and shops for distribution ( 6 lovely cards for $8 ). The Book Committee is beginning to clean, sort, and repair the existing books. The committee has set aside Mon, Wed, Fri,, 2 to 6 pm.for this work. Pending the rate of our progress, other times may be necessary. A meeting and presentation of the library project is being offered to the South Bar Club.
As you can see, we are trying to cover all bases - books, finances, PR, organization, operations etc.
A great project, a great deal to be done, for a great community. Come along and join the fun---and work!!!

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