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Dog Attacks
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Posted by:Feb 14th 2003, 06:56:03 am
kristiI don't know why these dogs are attacking like this but people on the island need to take the reponsibility. If you're going to have a dog than get it fixed with the vet therefore no more strays running around. Furthermore - if the dogs were treated properly (no throwing rocks, etc.) and FED maybe they wouldn't be looking to attack in order to eat. Just my thoughts...
Posted by:Feb 13th 2003, 04:10:02 pm
MaddieI stand corrected, it is truly a problem for everyone. Our friend Mildred Roberts was the first lady to be attacked...
Posted by:Feb 13th 2003, 11:06:16 am
island ladyWith all do respect, this is a problem for tourists and locals alike. A local man lost one of his horses to an attack by those dogs not to long ago. very sad for everyone.
Posted by:Feb 13th 2003, 08:26:30 am
MaddieI had heard about the Amabassador's visit and was thrilled. This is however a matter for local government to handle and they better clean up this situation with the height of the tourist season fast approaching. Tourists being attacked by stray dogs will not help the Island's main source of revenue.
Posted by:Feb 12th 2003, 03:50:06 pm
smittyI was fishing the beach on Girl Flat and 3 dogs started for me.I backed into deeper water and when they had to start swimming, they turned around and left.Good thing I guess.I was getting ready to fillet them right there.Never saw them again. Ken
Posted by:Feb 12th 2003, 09:05:34 am
JohnWe just returned from the Island and want to inform that the Council actively following up on stray dogs. The dogs in question were put to sleep and the owner received a heavy fine and sublect to a law suit.The U>S Ambassador was on the Island with his wife, who is a veterinarian to assist and assess the situation and will make a recommendation to the Town Council.
Posted by:Feb 10th 2003, 06:34:20 pm
KimberlyDogs are very much part of the island, but they're supposed to be on a leash.
Posted by:Feb 10th 2003, 04:13:01 pm
ColinI thought dogs were no longer allowed on the island and were to be put down when found. I guess I was misinformed. Or is this one of those things that get done when they can get done?
Posted by:Feb 9th 2003, 06:42:29 pm
MaddieThanks for the update. I hope these were isolated incidences...
Posted by:Feb 9th 2003, 01:29:00 pm
DonThe Canadian lady was treated for about a week in Nassau, and then she and her family returned to Ft. Lauderdale. The two medium sized dogs were found by the police and "put down" by the vet's assistant
Posted by:Feb 9th 2003, 01:27:52 pm
DonThe Canadian lady was treated for about a week in Nassau, and then she and her family returned to Ft. Lauderdale. The two medium sized dogs were found by the police and "put down" by the vet's assistant
Posted by:Feb 7th 2003, 12:42:00 pm
MaddieThe attack on the road by Barreta's happened before Christmas to our maid and I heard last week about the second attack from some home owners that a lady was attcked when walking on the beach. Our maid was treated at the clinic and the Police shot that dog. The lady who was attacked while walking on the beach was medivacted off the Island and I don't know what happened to either her or the dog
Posted by:Feb 7th 2003, 11:25:37 am
island ladyWHAT dog attacks .. is everyone all right? Why havent we heard about this before?
Posted by:Feb 7th 2003, 08:41:52 am
MaddieI have heard about 2 vicious dog attacks on Harbour Island this winter. One on the road by Barreta's and one on the beach. What are the local authorities doing about this?

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