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Fire Truck
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Posted by:Feb 28th 2003, 01:04:32 pm
island ladyWhat's going on with the fire truck committee now

Do I just walk into Arthurs Bakery and sign up with Robert?
Posted by:Feb 21st 2003, 08:16:35 pm
Fig Tree News TeamGuana Cay in Abaco got their fire truck today, and their outline of community support
may help Robert and Jefferson's team put together a successful offense in
getting the same job done for Harbour Island. To join the fire truck planning committee, send an e-mail to

From today's
Re: Guana Fire Truck arrives
Troy -- on Friday 2/21/03 @ 6:49 p.m. EST

Yes, our fire truck is here and there are a few people we definitely have to thank because without these people we still would be sitting under the fig tree talking about how much we need a fire truck on the island just in

United Abaco Shipping for providing free shipping for the truck from WPB;
Guana Freight for free shipping from MH to Guana;
Trinity Customs Brokerage for providing free customs clearance;
Commissioner Alex Williams and MP Robert Sweeting for help with duty free status
for the truck;
Tami Siewruk for fundraising and logistics help in the US; and
All those who donated to the cause in $$$ and time (too many to list).

Troy Albury
Fire Chief
Guana Fire and Rescue and the Briland Modem Fund will continue to offer promotional and fundraising support. In the meantime, the Fig Tree News Team would like to lead a big round of applause for South Bar Club's generous donation to the Briland fire truck cause this week.

If anyone on the Briland Board has specific suggestions for the project, please e-mail interim committee chair Robert Arthur at directly. As soon as volunteer fire captain Jefferson Johnson has e-mail, we'll post the address here.
Posted by:Feb 17th 2003, 12:03:49 pm
island ladyI saw a lot of information about the fire truck committee at the Briland news and tales button on this site, to at briland Fire Truck.
Posted by:Feb 15th 2003, 09:52:11 am
Johnthere is much information about the fire truck on Robert Arthur's web site
Posted by:Feb 14th 2003, 06:49:47 am
kristiWhat's wrong with the current fire truck?
Posted by:Feb 13th 2003, 04:12:04 pm
MaddieHow much money do you need?
Posted by:Feb 13th 2003, 11:38:06 am
JohnThanks Kimberly, Not too swift with the computer and have not found 242fire yet but will try again. We at SB are very concerned with the capability of the present truck and anxious for the new one. The fire in the Eluthera brush could easily happen on HI. Out of this concern I just sent you a substantial check from one of our members to get the ball rolling to accomplish the goal of getting the truck. Thanks for your hard work.
Posted by:Feb 12th 2003, 06:35:09 pm
KimberlyIf anyone would like to join the Briland Fire Team's ongoing online discussion, please send an e-mail to Members of the list include local and expat homeowners, local business owners and insurance companies.
Posted by:Feb 12th 2003, 06:31:08 pm
KimberlyHi, John:
Fundraising via the Briland Modem Fund totals $1,350 to date toward the purchase of a smaller, more nimble fire truck.

Robert Arthur of Arthur's Bakery and volunteer fire captain Jefferson Johnson chair the fire committee, which is exploring training resources as well.
Posted by:Feb 12th 2003, 08:54:20 am
JohnI am interested in the progress of obtaining the new fire truck. I know Robert Arthur has some info on his web site but want to know how the fundraising is coming and where do we stand. I am concerned that once purchaced that it is maintained and operated weekly so that it is operational when needed.

Contact us online at