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Posted by:Oct 1st 2010, 04:20:16 pm
ColinEven better-- reef fishing followed by at least three Goombays made by Ronny at what used to be Pink Sands Lounge (now Harbour Lounge)
Posted by:Oct 1st 2010, 08:39:05 am
SMITHYThanks for the thought.Escaping from jail ain't easy.
Posted by:Sep 30th 2010, 02:39:50 pm
Fig Tree News TeamHi, Smithy! We've missed you.

The Briland Modem Team
... and Mount Gay Rum, (Un)Official Sponsors of the Bayside Slalom Challenge
Posted by:Sep 30th 2010, 01:14:58 pm
SMITHYAnd I thought Vodka was the answere...
Posted by:Sep 28th 2010, 02:56:10 pm
Fig Tree News TeamWhere oh where is regular yoga practice on the island, and why can we not keep a regular class schedule going? Briland entrepreneurs, we get more requests for yoga class schedules here at than ANY other resource, including storm-tracking and taxi driver recommendations :-).
Posted by:Feb 24th 2003, 12:45:43 pm
Fig Tree News TeamFrom Rachael Thomas of Bahamas Adventures:

"You can read about it, hear about it, and watch other
people do it, but until you experience it first hand
yourself, you don't really get it. Increased strength
and flexibility, relief from headaches, back problems,
sleep troubles and stress related issues; deep
relaxation, feeling energized, powerful, peaceful and centered ... if any of this sounds good to you, it's
at your fingertips, right here in Harbour Island."

Regular classes are now starting in Harbour Island:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 7:00am at Coral Sands Commander's Beach Bar,
Monday and Wednesday evenings at 5:30pm at Romora Bay on the
pool deck.

Both locations are outdoors, so classes are weather
permitting. Classes are $10, and yoga mats are
available but limited so bring one if you have one.

Yoga classes are taught by Rachael Thomas, a Massage
Therapist and Yoga Instructor. Private classes are also available.

Contact us online at