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The Historical Vic-Hum Club
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Posted by:Jun 27th 2009, 12:29:56 pm
Fig Tree News Teamoops - that message was meant to be from Kristi King. Kimberly, you must have changed something on my computer while visiting me. How do I change it back?
Posted by:Jun 27th 2009, 12:28:23 pm
Fig Tree News Teamwow - what a wonderful and moving family reunion this one will be if pinky comes to meet you all. The tears will be flowing. This type of news brings tears to my eyes even if I don't know you pinky. The percenties though I do know and they are a super family.
Posted by:Jun 19th 2009, 09:47:49 am
Pinkyhey brilandbeauty: here is my email send me a message my mom and dad want to contact him again! My mom syas tell him she said hello and yea they call her Bea!

Posted by:Jun 16th 2009, 08:55:21 pm
brilandbeautyOne of the guys that was close to your dad want to know if your mother's name is Beatrice and if so to tell her that Rickey Mackey said.."hi" :-)
Posted by:Jun 16th 2009, 08:52:54 pm
brilandbeautyWas/is your family from Chicago...there are people here who know alot about your family over there. Some of which have been to a wedding in Chicago...
Posted by:Jun 12th 2009, 12:26:35 pm
PinkyAnd to brilandbeauty:
I'm looking to get in contact with both sides! I'm on a search to discover my roots and see what i've missed all these years, so any information is helpful!
Posted by:Jun 12th 2009, 07:41:06 am
PinkyOMG! For the record i'm at work crying nd my patients are looking at me like i'm crasy. LOL yes my dad is Maurice and his mothrer is Agnes! He has 7 children here in the USA by which I am number 2! I've heard so much about my family there and i'm so excited about this!
Posted by:Jun 9th 2009, 05:28:14 am
ash12sarah nixon, she was the daughter of aunt anna nixon. who is baretta,s mother. my mothers father was herman percentie jr. the eldest of the eight children of papa herman percentie sr. aunt agnes percentie saunders was my mothers eldest sister who is Ms Eloise Knowles,s mother. Morris Saunders is ms knowles,s brother all whom are herman saunders children( pinky has alot of kin here )both sides, percentie and saunders
Posted by:Jun 8th 2009, 09:20:30 pm
brilandbeautyOpps Ash, I forgot about Sarah. Wasn't she a sister also?
Posted by:Jun 8th 2009, 09:20:26 pm
brilandbeautyOpps Ash, I forgot about Sarah. Wasn't she a sister also?
Posted by:Jun 8th 2009, 09:18:40 pm
brilandbeautyMs. King, a the moment I only know they were having meetings in reference to having the reunion but nothing has materialized as yet. As soon as news is confirmed, i'll post the details...Oh! Thanks, my family sometimes forget our significance in the history of "briland" :-)
Posted by:Jun 8th 2009, 09:16:54 pm
brilandbeautyUmmm!! Ash would that be Anne (your mother's) father? I really don't know the lineage of our "Freeport Percenties". I am a bit confused though...I thought there were only two girls and that the others were boys...most of which lived here. Please enlighten me...
Posted by:Jun 8th 2009, 05:11:27 pm
ash12pinky, how are you? you must be Morris Saunders,s daughter. if so you,re grandmother,s name was Agnes Percentie SAUNDERS (MY aunt)hit me up at
Posted by:Jun 8th 2009, 01:59:19 pm
KimberlyHey, BB ... a Percentie family reunion? That sounds wonderful, and I hope that you can post lots of photographs! Your family has a magical history on Harbour Island and around the country.

Kimberly King
Posted by:Jun 8th 2009, 01:42:34 pm
brilandbeautyI guess hello cousin is in order! There were only two Percentie daughters I know grand aunt Olga (married a Higgs) and my grandaunt Hanna( who may have married a Saunders). Most of the orignal brothers still live here but there is only one sister still alive (Higgs). You still have alot of saunders family memebers here and of course Percenties. If you dial this number (242) 333- 2161 you should be able to speak to Ma Ruby (married a Percentie) and she can get you in contact with the side you are looking for. It would be great if you can come for the family reunion this summer. Hope this helped with your search!! ;-)
Posted by:Jun 8th 2009, 09:48:31 am
PinkyHey i'm not sure who will get this message and when but i'm doing a search for my family that lives there. My dad informed me about the club and how his family started it. His last name is Saunders but his mother's last name was Percentie. He has been in the united states since the 80's and I feel that it is time for me and my siblings to find the other half of bllod line. If any of you have information please feel free to emial me!
Posted by:Apr 7th 2003, 03:24:00 pm
Vic-hum boyThe Vic-Hum club has benn there since my mom start going and before she starting going because the vic-hum is a very safe and fun place to go because of the atmosphere. When you dance on the floor you feel like your really in paradise due to the viic-hum not having a roof when its supposed too! But put all the roof business aside becasue its very refreshing when you can dance on the floor and look at the stars at night while dancing to the best music in the bahamas. Thats why we have the best island in the bahamas right now due to the vic-hum contributing to the publicity,hear say and know how to get here to experience this historical land mark that mister victor and humphrey percentie made and layed the stones for this popular club to rise on in the future and to see that they have kept it the same way for the last40/50 to 60 year old building that brings tourist and bahamian people togther on the dance floor. So please nice people who read this please support the vic-hum staying the way it is and it supposed to be!!

Posted by:Mar 24th 2003, 02:07:27 pm
Sue R.YIPPEE!!!! In these days of trouble and sadness, it came as a welcome relief to read that My Briland Living Room Under the Stars will remain intact!! At least, that's what I gather from what you say, Jay-Jay. Stars or no stars? Roof or no roof? Can you provide a few more details?

Long live the Vic-Hum! My best to your Uncle Hitler and Ma Ruby and all the rest of the family. (You don't know me but they do.)

Thanks, Sue
Posted by:Mar 21st 2003, 03:05:23 pm
Jay-JayThank you, to all those that have given thier oppinions about the Vic-Hum club. I would like to let you all know that things have been worked out and this club will not be going anywhere for a long time.
To those that wish to see this club close down, i would like to give you my opinion. My grandfarther started that club and welcomed all. He help alot of people in the community most of the funds came from the club. My grandmother is now part owner of the club and continues to the same, so does my uncle. It is a shame that some of these people have forgotten the nobility of my family. I think it is a slap in the face that the very people that we have tried our very best to help are now going against us publicly. The Percentie family and the Vic-Hum club are not going any where. We love Harbour Island and the people. We love the life that it has given us and we are thankful for the support that we have gotton over the years.
Posted by:Mar 18th 2003, 07:30:21 pm
brilandboyExcuse me, I've been livin on briland all my life and i still am.Vic Hum Club has been around before me, so I say if you don't like the sound MOVE!Have a nice Day!

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