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Better day care
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Posted by:May 27th 2003, 10:07:14 pm
JohnWE would be happy to chat with anyone about the day care. As president I know the board and administration is doing it's best with the funds we have to provide the best care and education we can for the children of Harbour Island. We welcome parent involvement and would be happy for parents to volunteer in reading,playing, and even assiting in the maintenance of the facilities. We welcome constructive suggestions and I personally would be happy to meet with anyone for the betterment of the Day Care.
Posted by:May 24th 2003, 10:23:06 pm
Alp48I think the day care centre is doing a good job with the kids. If you havent been up there to see what is going on you need to. If there are any questions or concerns about The Harbour Island Day Nusrey. You can e-mail Wade Higgs at
Posted by:May 21st 2003, 09:46:05 pm
hollaInresponseto the message about the day care. I think that it is unfair to make such a statement. I have a child that attends the daycare centre and I have no complaints. What's to be will be no matter where children are if it is God's will to take them He will take them if they are right next to, on top of you or maybe from in you. People need to be more mature and stop these accusations. My child learns well and is advanced for his/her age and I am satisfied, you have to help your children yourself, you do not expect the teacher to do everything. If it is in a child's genes to be intelligent that child will be regardless of what school they attend, some of our leading Politicians, Doctors and Lawyers attended Public facilities and made it so stop the badgering or why does the person complaining assist in some way instead of complaining and pointing a finger. Stop trying to put children in categories and try to unite and make our Island and the World a better place. It starts with you.
Posted by:May 20th 2003, 11:28:49 pm
nativeI feel that it is extremely disrespectful to post concerns of this magnitude on the board. If you have a child at this particular daycare, then, I suggest that you call a meeting with the necessary authorities and help them in the attempt to improve the daycare.

Briland native
Posted by:May 20th 2003, 02:45:53 pm
briland queen 56The day care centre in Harbour island raelly needs better supervision,if not i`m afraid that a child is going to get kill,or hurt very dadly

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