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law in the Bahamas
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Posted by:May 25th 2003, 12:31:53 pm
NarlaI am sorry that you are having problems on Harbour Island but I have to say that I have been visiting for more than forty years and still do not ever lock my doors at night. The situation might be easier if everyone were friendlier to each other perhaps. Too many people on the island these days unlike before seem to need to pretend that they are better than another one. It's not about what you have it's all about what you have to give.

Briland forever. Thank you for this board.
Posted by:May 24th 2003, 10:47:38 pm
TessUnfortunately, those idyllic days of leaving the doors unlocked are long gone. I certainly do not wish to deter visitors from visiting Harbour Island, but the reality is, petty crime exists there (just as it does just about everywhere). True, I know of no "crimes against person" but just the same, it is unnerving and aggravating, not to mention illegal, to have intruders and petty theft on the island. The police say the perpetrators are young people...about 12!...who have cell phones and who are very adept at avoiding apprehension. They are opportunistic and after things kids like...CD's, boom boxes, cameras, etc. So...don't leave stuff out in plain sight and lock up at night or when you're away for a while...just be smart!
Posted by:May 21st 2003, 06:12:03 pm
BluestarsBrilanders/North Eleutherans and especially any potential tourists who read this, my wife, kids and I have frequently visited Eleuthera for twenty years. (My son, now 13, made three trips before he was one.) From my experience, Eleuthera is virtually crime free. We feel good there. Eleutherans are good natured people. You can do things on Eleuthera you'd never think of doing back home, like leaving your car keys in your car and leaving your doors unlocked - and nothing happens! It's great. The message to which I am responding mentioned visitors in relation to crime, but I have never seen a visitor commit a crime nor have I heard of one. If it happens at all, it's got to be rare. It has been my observation that they not only stay within the law but they try to respect local customs as well. The police was also mentioned in the message to which I am responding, but in my experience the police presence is minimal, and these officers are there for the public good. They should all be thanked when seen r helping make Eleuthera such a special place. In fact, I don't think there is another place on earth like Eleuthera.
Keith Simmons
Posted by:May 21st 2003, 09:44:52 am
dillygalI am sorry that Briland Queen does not feel she has been treated well by our local police. All I can say is that they have been a huge help to the community and me, and that I hope BQ develops a better relationship.
Posted by:May 20th 2003, 11:42:54 pm
nativeSounds like u have a personal gripe with the police. Certain things shouldn't even be posted. You said that tourists come and "commit 1,000 crimes," tell me, is that exact science? Come on, lets post things that would help and enhance, not tear down.
The natives of Harbour Island have to do their best to impact tourism in a positive way. What are you doing to make it better, seriously? Are you someone that has been in jail and is angry, or do you just want to hurt the tourism industry? Speak your mind, but don't sound so angry. We all disagree at one point or another, but, lets have respect.
Posted by:May 20th 2003, 02:58:22 pm
briland queen 56it seems the law in the Bahamas is very slack,why is it that visitors come here and get by with 1,000 crimes,and soon as natives do something,we are arrested under the law,law is law,wrong is wrong,i blame some of these good for nothing police,in the bahamas,especialy on briland,they only come here to sex some of these stupid women and live off of them.something needs to be done.....

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