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goombay smash
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Posted by:Jul 14th 2003, 03:37:09 pm
smittyYou poor devils.Have none of you heard of Absolute martinis.I didn't know you had a reputation of being an imbiber, Kimberly.Let's see, what can I do with that? Ken
Posted by:Jul 13th 2003, 03:10:17 pm
KimberlyHey, I'm an easy target when it comes to a decent Goombay Smash, I must admit ... but I really like the sound of Mandy's Costco-worthy recipe. Boy, do I miss those all-night bonfires ...
Posted by:Jul 13th 2003, 02:31:08 pm
hobiecatHi! This is the recipe I use, simplified, and easily concocted for those late night beach bonfires:

One bottle dark rum
One bottle coconut rum (Ron Ricardo is my fave, but have substituted Captain Morgan in an off-island pinch)
One carton orange juice
One carton pineapple juice

Shake, stir, consume, enjoy!
Posted by:Jul 8th 2003, 06:42:56 pm
ColinAm I wrong that a Goombay traditionally includes: one shot each of light rum, dark rum and coconut rum, mixed with pineapple juice?? Add ice and shake well. A whiff of Galliano may be added. I find that a nice squeeze of lime or lemon really helps bring out the sunshine in the drink.

I'm a wee worried about Kimberly if she's gotten this wrong. Her reputation as an imbiber is such one would expect her to know!
Posted by:Jul 5th 2003, 04:54:43 pm
Kimberlysorry to have missed the big party deadline. equal parts dark rum, gold rum, pineapple juice, orange juice, nassau royale liqueur [can substitute triple sec]. just do a google for goombay smash, and you'll find many, many great recipes!
Posted by:Jul 3rd 2003, 04:19:56 pm
sunvalleyrivhi all..we are having a 4th of july celebration and want the best recipe for a goombay smash..any help would be appreciated.

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