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bahamas fast ferries
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Posted by:Jul 9th 2003, 07:42:26 am
JOURNEE727yes, fast ferries has been a tremendous boost to the tourism sector of harbour island. It has people from the other parts of the bahamas, the u.s.a. and europe that have been taking a plane then the ferrie to experience a luxurious relaxed feeling of the ferrie. I must comment on the staff that of the vessel because it is the staff that make the boat successful. we must give it up to the staff. The staff is under new watch by mr harvey sweeting he gaurds the vessel as though he is still employed by the royal bahamas defence force. This is all good and i must give some props to mr sweeting for a job well done. But i am must give some constructive critizism. Mr sweeting, i wish that for you to treat your staff with the most respect as you would like to be treated. you have a great crew, you must learn to listen to them when they have a concern. This is something that you lack that is a open mind. You act as though you are the drill sargent over your troops. certian decisions that are made have to in the best interest of you, your employer,which is not only your boss but also the customer,and last but not least your staff. The company has made some bad decisions but are sweep under the table and kept quiet... but who suffers. so mr sweeting there have been rumors about how tight your butt is. So i would appreciate it if you would make the effort to treat your staff with a bit more respect. just remember you also could fired just like they have done with invaluable employees in the past. I just had to add a few concerns that have been getting my goat for a while. But all in all I love my BAHAMAS FAST FERRIES AND I WOULD NOT TRADE IT FOR THE WORLD. THANK YOU
Posted by:Jul 7th 2003, 10:01:36 am
Richard Pi travel to and from nassau twice as much now as i did before bo hengy came to town. fast ferries employs many many bahamians throughout their system, and adds to the local marketplace wherever they take their boats
Posted by:Jul 5th 2003, 10:01:08 pm
sunshineGive me some imput plez? Does this company give r take away from the harbour island people?Is their still only two persons employed by this company? what do u as a native think about this company?

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