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Flyfishing ... the new Bahamian frontier
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Posted by:Oct 20th 2010, 04:01:29 pm
SMITHYMan, that takes me back a bit.Haven't been to HI in many years.Sure miss dem Bones.
Posted by:Oct 9th 2010, 12:58:55 pm
Fig Tree News TeamAnother oldie-but-goodie meeting of the minds online, the Briland Modem pre-Facebook ;-) ... enjoy!
Posted by:Sep 29th 2003, 10:45:27 am
smittyThanks PM.I'd rather eat Iguana with the local women.Ken
Posted by:Sep 28th 2003, 04:08:23 pm
The PartymanBehring Point, Andros is the place for bonefish.

You want to go with Ivan Neymour. Stay at Tranquility Hill. His family really takes care of you.

If you go at the right time you might get to eat iguana with the local men.
Posted by:Sep 24th 2003, 08:02:56 am
MaddieI read "Dem Bones" awhile back and loved it. You certainly captured the spirit of the sport and the guide.
Posted by:Sep 24th 2003, 07:45:13 am
I like your house rule and I'm sticking to my guns too.There's gotta be a couple of tens out there somewhere, doesn't there?I nearly had one on Girl flat one afternoon.I worked him in and discarded my rod and reel and had a strangle hold on him between my knees, but inspite of it, he squirted out like a bar of soap.Judging by the length and feel,I guessed him around ten.After that I stared carrying a net.
If you ever feel like chatting, my email here at my office is Maybe you've read my story "Dem Bones, Dem Bones" included under Briland News And Tales at this website.It was inspired by my first outing with Stanley.I think you'll get a kick out of it. Ken
Posted by:Sep 23rd 2003, 04:05:10 pm
MaddieMy new house rule is that I won't mount anything under 10 pounds caught on a fly... I'm still waiting. We'll have a beer no matter what happens on the flats.
Posted by:Sep 23rd 2003, 03:48:53 pm
I know for a fact it's Joe that instigated the high price.
Sounds like you've had some fun over the years.81/2 on the wall ain't chopped liver.I often regret I didn't have my 9 mounted, always thinking a 10 was just around the corner.But that was 1991 and a ten hasn't shown up yet.
When I get the need to hire a guide I look up a young boy, and I'm not sure this name is totally correct, called Damien or some thing like that.His rate is very fair and he is very knowledgeable and a delight to fish with.He knows where to go and what to do.I sure miss fishing with Stanley. We enjoy a great rapport.A true gentleman.I've only been with Joe once and we did ok.A solid pro.
I'm an old bag and don't know how many casts are left, but maybe some day I'll bump into you on the flats and if we get skunked, I'll buy the beer.Good luck, Ken
Posted by:Sep 23rd 2003, 02:47:36 pm
MaddieGod, whatever you do, don't tell Joe...
Posted by:Sep 23rd 2003, 02:37:44 pm
DonI agree the bonefishing has gotten a little expensive, but just for fun I put your $60 for a half day in 1960 in a Consumer Price Index calculator....the result....$60 in 1960 is equal to $374 today...Maybe $250 isn't too out of line.
Posted by:Sep 23rd 2003, 02:26:37 pm
I started fishing with Joe in the mid-sixties using spinning gear. I have an 8 1/2 pounder on the wall courtesy of Joe, that I caught when I was 14. I graduated to flies in the mid seventies and have never looked back although I think spinnning is the way to start. I primarily go out with Stanley and Stuart these days. Stanley is going to be marrying my son and his fiance this April. I don't wade too much as I have a bad knee. I also love fishing for baracudas and mutton snappers, so Stanley and I take a variety of tackle with us. I come down for 8 weeks every year and I try to fish 3 mornigns a week, but am cutting back this year due to expenses for the wedding. Frankly I think Joe has been the instigator for the price increases over the years. I'm sure someone told him what the guides in the keys get and he went from there and of course there is no comparison as I mentioned in my earlier posting.
Have fun this October and leave a few for me.
Posted by:Sep 23rd 2003, 01:17:27 pm
smittyMaddie OOps, big time.Very sorry.Shoot, let's talk fishing anyway.Do you fly fish for Bones? I've met and seen many ladies that handle a fly rod beautifully.Better then some guys I know.I started with a spinning rod with stanley in 1983 and really got hooked.Changed to a fly rod the next year and been to HI every year each Oct. since.60 bucks a half day back then.Now I fish the flats on foot, mainly Girl Bank.I've always thought that flat holds the biggest Bones around.What do you think? Tell me about your experiences. Ken
Posted by:Sep 23rd 2003, 08:51:22 am
MaddieSmitty, Maddie is a she...
Posted by:Sep 23rd 2003, 08:06:38 am
smittyI agree with Maddie. Neither he nor I are trashing the Bonefishing on Hi and the surrounding flats. It is and always has been, fair to good.What I'm trashing, is the price the guides charge for half day trips and any experienced Bonefisherman who's been around the block, would agree that the catches simply aren't good enough to support the price.Who knows better then them, that the flats indeed are over fished? Armed with this, they should adjust accordingly.
Posted by:Sep 23rd 2003, 12:09:24 am
MaddieThe quality of the fishing isn't the guide's fault. The limited territory we have around Harbour Island is over fished. Years ago it was only the 3 or 4 guides out there of a given day, but now people self guide themselves and the flats are jammed. The fish become terrorized by mid-March.Other bonefishing destinations have much more territory to fish so over fishing doesn't become such an issue. I too have had dyas were I have caught in excess of 6 fish, but they mostly have been very early in the season before all the traffic gets started. There isn't anything the guides can do about this. They are doing a much better job of encouraging "catch and release" and that will go a long way to helping the fishing. Stanley Babson had the right idea when he didn't name places.
Posted by:Sep 22nd 2003, 07:18:34 am
island ladywait a minute ... i completely disagree. if fishing with joe or stewart or stanley is too expensive for you, that is one thing. but do not trash the quality of the fishing here overall just to make your point. there is a good reason why stanley babson kept briland s name a secret in all of his fishing books, as he did not want to share the amazing north eleuthera fishing grounds with the rest of the world. i caught eight bonefish with joe just three months ago, so there.
Posted by:Sep 18th 2003, 10:22:09 am
smitty200 for a half day is not only more then enough, it's still way too high in my opinion.If you've ever been to Andros Island Bonefish Club, you know what hot Bonefishing is like.20 fish in a few hours is not uncommon.And the size is impressive.In all my years at HI the biggest i've taken is 9 lb. I cast to several fish that size in one morning at Andros.Now, you might say, "well then, why don't I just fish there and stop complaining."My time at HI isn't a Bonefish vacation.It's a family thing and the fishing is secondary.I purely don't understand why the price has gotten so out of hand, but the guides better produce for their customers for that kind of money.My trips with them are over, untill they come to their senses. Ken
Posted by:Sep 17th 2003, 11:56:41 am
MaddieI have been flyfishing with Stanley, Stuart and Joe for over 30 years and I agree that their rates have gotten too high. If the fishing were up to Deep Water Cay's standards it would be one thing, but since it isn't I think $200 per half day is more than enough.
Posted by:Sep 17th 2003, 09:03:50 am
smittyI've been fly fishing Harbour Island for 20 years.Not a real long time, but not bad either.I too hope the youth of the Island pick up the reputations such great guides as Stanley and Joe have built.However, they have to sharpen their pencils and bring the cost under control.250 dollars for a half day has put me on the beach.I understand about gasoline costs and poling a boat for a few hours is hard work, but the cost is way out of line for the area.HI isn't one of the prime Bonefish destinations of the world and the catches reflect it.Customers expect real hot action for that price, but the surronding flats just can't provide it. Ken
Posted by:Sep 13th 2003, 10:40:24 am
quincevery interesting and informative article. i sincerely hope the youth of H.I. read it.we need new fishing guides to follow stewart's lead. as for the "mother ships" i totally agree and hope some how it can be dealt with.Q

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