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Shantz Tynes dies at 19 by Ledaunne
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Posted by:Nov 26th 2009, 01:07:30 am
LanadoHey Devaughn, Lanado here, a former schoolmate at BHTC, sorry to here of the lost of your brother, Shantz. I gather from remarks posted he was a lot like you, a fun person to be around who appreciate life and those around him, he has left an indelible impression with those he has encountered and their lives are richer for it. May Lord continue to bless you and your family.
Posted by:Nov 19th 2004, 11:31:14 am
LorriawHi Devaughn,
How r u doing? How is your mom and the rest of the family doing?
Posted by:Nov 18th 2004, 12:19:15 pm
scrappyHey, y'all this is Devaughn and right now it is very late at night and I am so blessed to have stumbled across this site filled with your kindness. My family and I are reading your tributes and we really do appreciate your condolences. It is indeed a hard road to walk and this wound have not yet healed but your well wishes and kind words have made me feel considerably better. Many thanks.
Posted by:Oct 22nd 2003, 11:52:54 am
sassydI want to send out my condolences to the family. We all did love shantz! For those who haven't seen his website it is:
Posted by:Oct 22nd 2003, 09:16:33 am
BlueleganceA Notice to the Public

If u have a contact number or email for Mr. Devaughn Sweeting, the brother of Shantz Tynes, please email me urgently.Thanks a bunch.

Posted by:Oct 20th 2003, 06:55:07 pm
pinkdiamondIt's a tru sayin that Yesterday is history, today is a gift and Tomorrow is a mystery! but my dear freind shantz never got to now what his mystery for a next day would be.

Shantz was a good friend of mines i can still remeber clearly the bright smile he always had on his face! A smile that money couldnt even buy. He was such a happy person and always full of energy.

I no some people have entrapped in thier minds that he was so young, but let this be an example to the young generation out there we never no when it will be our time,no matter how old or young no ones nows.

On behalf of the students, teachers, principal and supporting staff of the Harbour island all age school and the community of harbour island we would like to send out our condolesence to his family in this time grievement and sorrow.


don't cry for him cause he wouldn't want us to! he would want us to be happy that now he is free from pain!
Posted by:Oct 19th 2003, 06:47:15 pm

Shantz was a class mate of mine, one that i will never for get. When Shantz was not in school or not around it was like now, sad moments. He was one you can depend on to always have smiling faces on and joyful moments. When i heard that he had died, i couldn't believe it. I just spoke to his brother and asked him how he was doing. On behalf of:
We would truly like to say that Shantz was one of our best classmates and that we we miss him.
We would like to say to his family that life has to go on and that Shantz is in a better place than all of us, so if we wan't to see him again we would have to give our lifes to the Lord

Shantz we miss you!
Posted by:Oct 19th 2003, 07:14:59 am
fabuloustinySad, Sad, Sad! I found out about Shantz's death while watching the Community page on Channel 13, it didn't really click that was him until I saw it the second time around.

Even though he wasn't a classmate, I got to know Shantz, and I must say he was a trickster. Always smiling, joking and on the go, this was he found out he had Cancer yet he still kept his head up, and looked out for brighter days.

God does have a unique plan that Man should never question, however, we cannot help but to ask because the loss is so great and the pain of never being able to talk to that individual unbearable.

Rest In Peace Shantz, when you see Ms. Bishop tell her "Hi".

I extend a my deepest sympathy to Shantz's family and friends. Know that he is in a better place, no more suffering and pain.

May God strenghten you all!
Posted by:Oct 15th 2003, 01:33:07 pm
KimberlyNicholas Johnson sent the following:

TONITE LETS ALL SAY A PRAYER FOR SHANTZ.......... WE'LL ALWAYS MISS U SHANTZ. We as humans ask alot of questions but we can not question y the Lord call us home so early so lets not qestion y it had to be shantz lets help him finsih his journey home to our father (at mid nite lets all have a moment of silence for our friend shantz n to show that your doin it sign on and off for all that e as been through with his sickness...... just a moment...PLEASE PASS THIS NOTE ON.
Posted by:Oct 15th 2003, 12:56:57 am
Ms. johnsonyes i am very sadden by the news that i heard about shantz this morining from my cousin who is also his dearest friend. Shantz was a great person to talk with i really didn't think my last talk with him would have ended so soon because i have just spoken with him over the summer break while i was home at that time he was in the hospital and i was visiting my lil brother and i saw him and then we got to this is hurts my favorite teacher and now a good friend...

My his soul rest in peace....

my condolenses goes out to his parents my so my friend devaughn...God will pull you through your sorrow...
Posted by:Oct 14th 2003, 04:51:41 pm
Bluelegance Harbour Island ALL Age School former student Shantz Tynes dies at the age of 19, after his battle with Cancer.(cries)

Shantz was a good friend who had a grea t sense of humor and smile.Shantz always cracked jokes by calling me minnie mouse and Tiny wine. However, his jokes and memories will linger on for a lifetime.
I extend my condolences to Shantzs' Parents and three brothers, including my dearest friend Devaughn.

Rest on Shantz , God has a plan for you and Ms. Bishop...

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