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Fire Engine
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Posted by:Dec 1st 2003, 01:24:45 pm
tweedyI would suggest getting in touch with some of the larger cities in the US and find out what happens to fire trucks when they are replaced by newer equipment.

I was involved with a placement of an ambulance that went to Abaco after the last major hurricane, and I worked with the Consulate here in NYC and was able to work behind the scenes to get the ambulance there.

The "fire company" communities here in the US are a very tightly knit brotherhood. There must be some contacts that can be made and availability of training or the opportunity of a job on island for an experienced professional.

Fires and emergencies do happen on island, luckily not all that frequently but as the island becomes better known and more populated and more buildings going up will happen on a more regular basis.

How about getting intouch with say the Red Cross and asking for a training program on island for the first aide program or CPR might be a good start. Also great for the kids to learn something new that is very important.

I would like to get involved with the new truck for the island, guess it must run in my blood too, as my Grandfather, was the chief of the Fire department for Winthrop Mass, for many years. I have vivid memories of his huge boots in the middle of my grandparents bedroom in case of a fire in the middle of the night.

Briland is so precious, we all have to work together to make sure no more history is lost.

The New York Festival Chorus is up an singing again and I thought a trip to the island for SEVERAL concerts is very doable.

Also the Bahamian Community here in NYC should get involved with this as well, I'll start to let people here know that funds are needed.

email me at
Posted by:Nov 28th 2003, 01:11:41 pm
BaynmurrayNot only do we need a fire truck for the island but we should combine that with Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), so when you are injured or collapse people with emergency medical training and with proper eguipment (such as new easy-for-anyone-to-use portable heart resusitation machines). Considering the age and resources of people of Harbour Island this should be possible to achieve and to everyone's best interest. I am surprised the insurance companies haven't insisted on these things already. I guess until it's your house on fire or you're layng on the floor with a heart attack it will not get done. You may not be so lucky as to have your heart attack in the doctor's office. Let's work on it!
Posted by:Nov 28th 2003, 01:11:25 pm
PinksandWhats wrong with the Govt at Nassau giving HI one?....Or just ship the one there you have to them as a donation from the hard working people of HI.
Posted by:Nov 26th 2003, 03:59:41 pm
KimberlyAt one point, Robert's committee HAD researched all pertinent costs of maintenance and training for a few years, in addition to the actual cost of the truck, and had checked in with the all-volunteer fire crew in Marsh Harbour, Abaco with the idea of inviting them down to train a volunteer fire team on Harbour Island. The problem is, Robert doesn't have the time to head up the committee anymore, and has asked several locals over the past year and half to take over stewardship of the committee. Eloise Knowles has been working to schedule a meeting with Robert to discuss next steps, but that's all that I know. Here's to hoping that Robert can step in with an update soon.

Hope this helps --
Posted by:Nov 26th 2003, 03:52:06 pm
DickOf course a fire brings the fact of condition or existence of a fire engine to the foreground.

I have been through the ups and downs (hills & valleys) of fire engines, fund drives, etc for 50 years here. Much of the time the "new" energy came, as now, after a fire that could not be attended by a fire engine. Very very good intended members of the community would work hard to see the effort to fruition. One always has to applaud this sort of thing.

However, after a few of these drives and subsequent arrival of fire engines, it suddenly dawned on me, and others, that getting the fire engine here was not where the effort should end.
That always and only led to a repeat of last night's situation.

Regular and organized maintenance of the equipment has to be considered as important as the equipment itself or, like last night, having a working fire engine avaialble at the very very infrequent times needed will be impossible.

We have tried sort of half hearted attempts at engaging
individuals to do this over time, but nothing ever so serious, or funded, to be successful for long.

I am not familiar with Robert Arthur's present plan concerning a new fire engine, BUT during the last drive, when approached, I noisely refused to make any contribution toward a new Engine. HOWEVER I, just as noisely, stated I would donate to a fund (and plan) that serioulsy took on up keep of the equipment. I was never presented with this and so I can say that I had no monies in the fire engine that did not put out the fire last night.

We have had, at fortunate times over the years, good hearted individuals who volunteered to help keep things running, including more than one of our Royal Bahamas Police officers stationed here. But that sort of thing is hit or miss.

What is needed is a serious and very very well funded plan and then contract for this purpose. The fund drive should perhaps include an additional 50% or so toward this, or there is no sense in wasting time and money at all.

Perhaps a public fund drive toward equipment AND maintenance, parts etc, should be done (unless it already is?) and then the follow through responsibilibty turned over to Local Government, with the fnds escrowed for use only to keep the fire equipment operating properly.

Investigate, of course, cost of frequent service, plus funds for necesary continuing parts... and come up with a 5 year or so estimate and contract. It might even turn out to look like an $80,000 fire engine would need $30,000 in maintenance escrow, so the total fund drive would have a goal of $110,000.

Richard Malcolm

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