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Don Ricardo Coconut Rum
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Posted by:Nov 22nd 2004, 02:11:31 pm
smittyI'm finally calming down just a bit from the no show clean-up.Besides I still got my biiiiiiig mouth.(And I can't resist taking a shot a Kimberly every once in a while)A truely nice girl but suffering from an underachieving bar.
Posted by:Nov 22nd 2004, 02:11:21 pm

I used to respect. I used to think you a goddess. Now I know you must be a goddess because you let this foolish mortal get his hopes up and then you cast him down.

I call the Internet liquor folks about Don Lorenzo coconut rum. They USED to sell. Apprently, no oje imports the stuff into the US anymore because of difficulty getting orders filled.
I am lost in a vale of tears. So I will sit down tonight and mix myself a third-rate Goombay Smash as I am out of the good stuff.
Reason nr 1001 to get back to Briland!!

Posted by:Nov 22nd 2004, 11:51:20 am
chapelHey, Smitty ... was afraid that we'd lost you!
Posted by:Nov 22nd 2004, 11:50:26 am
smittyYou need a chemist not a bar tender.Poor dear.
Posted by:Nov 19th 2004, 07:26:30 pm
KimberlyFunny enough, your question is answered at's Island FAQ [frequently-asked questions] link to the left of the messageboard, under 'Very Special Rums.' Don Ricardo rum is sold in the U.S. as Don Lorenzo, so click on the rum page, search for Don Lorenzo, and voila!

I'm really partial to a Haitian coffee on the weekends, dark roast half caf/decaf with a jigger of Don Ricardo coconut rum and splash of cream .... ahhhh.

Hope this helps
Posted by:Nov 19th 2004, 07:21:19 pm
RosieWe lived in Nassau in 1982, at that time was introduced to Don Ricardos coconut rum, but we have a difficult time finding it in SW Floria. Any suggestions. Key Largo is the most consistent place for distribution, but is 3 hrs one way. Any suggestions?
Posted by:Dec 31st 2003, 11:38:31 am
smittyVodka swilling heathen?How did you know? Anytime you want to go one on one, I'll swill your Walt Disney soda pop and you swill my martinis and we'll see who finds the floor first.I'll buy. Ken
Posted by:Dec 31st 2003, 10:20:17 am
chapelHey, JR ... ignore the vodka-swilling heathen. I know that this sounds crazy, but you can often find the Ricardo rums online at eBay. Short of that, I've been able to get my local liquor buyer at a Vendome outlet in Los Angeles to stock their coconut rum, by getting other local Bahamians here in the area to commit to purchasing it on a regular basis. Just a thought ....
Posted by:Dec 31st 2003, 10:01:59 am
smittyYes, Switch to Martinis Ken
Posted by:Dec 30th 2003, 08:19:32 pm
JRI read Colin's comments about his dwindling supply of Ricardo's coconut rum and felt his pain. I have only about a thimble full left and am working hard to figure out how to get it in Washington State. Any suggestions?

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