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Flying from Nassau to HI
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Posted by:Jan 18th 2004, 02:01:38 pm
KimberlyI've just gotten word that our casual habit here of mentioning that seats are available on private planes flying between North Eleuthera and the states may be illegal, and against FAA rules. Given that we've always been so laidback about these announcements, whether in person or on the board, can someone from the aviation community comment one way or the other? I personally find the listings to be helpful, but don't want the generous pilots -- or the messageboard -- to get into trouble with the authorities. Any suggestions?

Thanks ...
Posted by:Jan 18th 2004, 01:05:27 am
NorinWe have used both Leair and Flamingo Charters from NAS to ELU successfully.
Pick depending on # of people. It is usually cost effective to charter if you have 4 or more people.
Southern Air has scheduled flights.
Good luck.
Posted by:Jan 12th 2004, 11:57:05 am
smittyPay no attention to Kimberly.Besides being terrified at the thought of serious libation, her taste buds are horribly mutilated from a lifetime of those cute little drinks stuffed with fruit, tiny umbrellas, palm fronds and other giggely little things.Though she's one of the greatest gals I know, alas, no one's perfect.How did you know about my thermos?Gray Goose, you say? Worse than an all night ennema. Ken
Posted by:Jan 11th 2004, 08:40:35 pm
MaddieGray Goose all the way!
Posted by:Jan 10th 2004, 05:23:56 pm
Kimberly'Professional' vodka drinkers meaning that they drink a decent brew, though, don't ya think :-)? None of that Absolut stuff that Smitty's always carting around in the thermos ...
Posted by:Jan 10th 2004, 05:22:06 pm
MaddieYou and Mr. Webster may be right. My parents, who taught me how to fish, are both professional vodka drinkers.
Posted by:Jan 9th 2004, 03:53:29 pm
smittyJust a moment while I look up "vicariously".Ah, just as I thought."A state of euphoria brought about by ingesting large amounts of low quality, Rum, etc. easily remedied with the substitution of a superior brand such as Vodka.See Ken Smith for details". Yep, right out of Webster's, so help me.I'm sure if you started treatment immediately, by March you'd be ready to take on the biggest and baddest Bonefish.
Posted by:Jan 9th 2004, 01:53:50 pm
MaddieI live vicariously through my Mt. Gay's with tonic.
Posted by:Jan 9th 2004, 12:29:26 pm
smittyAh, Chicago.Have you seen a man who danced with his wife?
I don't know what I'm being so smart about, it's 10 months till my first 04 Bonefish.(Unless you need someone to carry your bags).
Cure for the shivvers...ALCOHOL!!!
Posted by:Jan 8th 2004, 02:28:10 pm
MaddieChicago Bears but no white ones.
Posted by:Jan 8th 2004, 11:36:11 am
smittyWhat are friends for? Where the heck are you? There isn't a big white Bear on your front lawn,too, is there?
Posted by:Jan 7th 2004, 06:06:59 pm
MaddieYou had to rub it in... 6" of snow on the ground and 0 on theremometer this morning and you decided to become a comedian. Thanks!
Posted by:Jan 7th 2004, 02:45:37 pm
smittyOh Maaaaaadie, You still have 2 months 'till your first 04 Bonefish.Just thought I'd remind you.Nah,Nah Ken
Posted by:Jan 7th 2004, 10:18:02 am
Will give you all the info you need.
Posted by:Jan 7th 2004, 10:17:57 am
snowycheck the web site and it lists transportation details!
Posted by:Jan 6th 2004, 11:23:20 am
dionnei know this has probably been asked numerous time. But can someone post the charters that fly from Nassau to North Eleuthera and/or provide the schedule for the Bo Hengy? or the links... can't seem to find the info online. any help would be appreciated.


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