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Posted by:Feb 26th 2004, 03:24:43 pm
chapelCurrent Conditions:

02/26/2004 7:07:51
Wind Dir: 171
Wind Spd: 16kts
Humidity: 87%
Temp: 76F
Raw Barom: 29.78in
UV: 0
Dew Point: 72F
Cloud Base: 1038ft
Barom Rate: 0.012in/hr
Wind Spd H: 24kts
WindGust H: 27kts
Humidity H: 87%
Temp Out H: 76F
Humidity L: 87%
Temp Out L: 76F
24HrRain: 0.0in
Moon Phase: 6
Posted by:Feb 25th 2004, 01:00:07 pm
chapelCurrent Conditions:

02/25/2004 7:08:51
Wind Dir: 205
Wind Spd: 9kts
Humidity: 91%
Temp: 73F
Raw Barom: 29.79in
UV: 0
Dew Point: 70F
Cloud Base: 695ft
Barom Rate: 0.010in/hr
Wind Spd H: 17kts
WindGust H: 17kts
Humidity H: 92%
Temp Out H: 73F
Humidity L: 90%
Temp Out L: 73F
24HrRain: 0.0in
Moon Phase: 5
Posted by:Feb 20th 2004, 11:52:28 am
Fig Tree News Team 02/20/2004 7:09:46
Wind Dir: 18
Wind Spd: 0kts
Humidity: 59%
Temp: 67F
Raw Barom: 30.08in
UV: 0
Dew Point: 53F
Cloud Base: 3702ft
Barom Rate: 0.010in/hr
Wind Spd H: 10kts
WindGust H: 10kts
Humidity H: 72%
Temp Out H: 67F
Humidity L: 58%
Temp Out L: 65F
24HrRain: 0.0in
Moon Phase: 0
Posted by:Feb 17th 2004, 11:27:23 am
chapel 02/17/2004 7:07:58
Wind Dir: 113
Wind Spd: 7kts
Humidity: 79%
Temp: 73F
Raw Barom: 30.16in
UV: 0
Dew Point: 66F
Cloud Base: 1724ft
Barom Rate: 0.004in/hr
Wind Spd H: 14kts
WindGust H: 15kts
Humidity H: 79%
Temp Out H: 73F
Humidity L: 70%
Temp Out L: 71F
24HrRain: 0.0in
Moon Phase: 26
Posted by:Feb 16th 2004, 02:03:32 pm
Fig Tree News TeamCourtesy of

Wind Dir: 20
Wind Spd: 8kts
Humidity: 66%
Temp: 71F
Raw Barom: 30.13in
UV: 5
Dew Point: 59F
Cloud Base: 2983ft
Barom Rate: -0.003in/hr
Wind Spd H: 23kts
WindGust H: 26kts
Humidity H: 89%
Humidity L: 66%
24HrRain: 0.0in
Moon Phase: 26

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