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Posted by:Apr 10th 2004, 04:09:29 pm
chapelHi, Bahaman and Keith: Thanks for taking the discussion elsewhere, as this really isn't the forum for your disagreement ... and none of us really have much of an idea as to what's being debated here. Thanks for keeping the conflict between yourselves, and thanks for understanding.

Posted by:Apr 9th 2004, 05:24:31 pm
Keith TThis is not how we conduct our business. This is B2B's response to a posting on our site and legal action started regarding a copyright infringement. If you are interested see

For most everyone who didn't need to be bothered with this, my apologies for this poor conduct and improper use of this forum.

Keith - Bahamas Vacation Guide
Posted by:Apr 9th 2004, 01:30:32 pm
Richard PDoes anyone really care? BVG was the first one out there, why can't the market handle both setups with out you all bashing each other? if This is how professional the Bahamascommunity team is?
Posted by:Apr 9th 2004, 01:09:17 pm
BahamamanI just want to warn people about the Bahamas Vacation Guide. Their reputability is in dispute.

It appears that due to their own extreme jealousy and obvious inability to compete on a fair level Bahamas Vacation Guide has taken an immateur and below-the-belt route to attacking BahamasB2B, and Bahamascommunity. These three sites are part of the BahamasB2B Network, which is internationally respected and supported for its contributions to the Bahamas internet industry.

Bahamas Vacation Guide, frightened by the rapid growth of the BahamasB2B Network, has now resorted, almost laughably, to childish slander tactics to thwart the tremendous success of the three sites named.

The funny part is that while they, without any basis and with malicious intent, slanderously label BahamasB2B, and Bahamascommunity as scams, the people operating the Bahamas Vacation Guide are actually under heavy suspicion for unethical business practices and have been confronted before for running scams.

It is a pity that the Bahamas Vacation Guide feels the need to resort to these unethical moves in order to keep their business afloat. It would reflect so much better on them if they just improved their business and were able to compete fairly, as most other business owners can in this world.

Resorting to low-level tactics that are easily thwarted in a courtroom, seems foolish, but then Bahamas Vacation Guide hasn't displayed much in the way of intelligent business practices or proper business ethics for that matter.

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