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Posted by:Apr 29th 2004, 11:36:31 am
BrilandkidYes let's not forget william Bullard, that tremendous smile with a laugh, personality and musical talent to match I like to also keep in mind Miss Eva Loraine Sawyer (teacher) and Mrs Aranha who taught more than half the Island's kids. So all one as to do is look around and without a doubt see the blessing the we were givenit is all aroud Briland no matter where you look. Who remember's Willie (Pun-kie) walker, our local drunk who dispite his condition gave us the most original oil and water colors he was our Picaso (ARTIST) all these people gave a piece of themselves how many and who remembers and who are they? Anyway my goal is to see a dedication to Mrs Mather and Mrs Cornelius for the Island's day care. A thanks for showing love and caring to our babies. Please join me in that drive? Who must I talk to to make this happen???
Ps. Great going with the fire truck all goals are obtainable.
Posted by:Apr 28th 2004, 12:59:27 pm
ColinAnd a nod to William Bullard and others who brought joy to so many and bear life's travails with courage. They remind us all of just how lucky Brilanders can be.

Posted by:Apr 21st 2004, 02:52:18 pm
chapelHi, Brilandkid ... that would be the wonderful Sadie Belle and Robert Cornelius. Hear, hear, hear! The list just goes on and on for early role models in our day, from Sybil Cleare the super-mom to your dad, Dempsey Cleare, the amazing carpenter, to the sounds of the Percentie Brothers [Herman, Victor, Humphrey, Newton and Tony ... did I miss any?], the strict nuns at St. Benedict's School, Arthur Barry's sno-cone machine on hot summer days, Mr. James' packs of chewing gum, Sister Sarah Nixon for literally knocking sense into us at church, Miz Alice Moss for teaching us manners and how to set a table for afternoon tea, Alfred Albury for teaching us patience, Miz Sybil Pickering in the old house for teaching us to respect our history, and Hartman Saunders for everything else. More ...
Posted by:Apr 21st 2004, 11:44:30 am
BrilandkidI am from a origanal Briland family tree. All the thanks that goes around, I never hear thanks to our people that made it so possible for the today's Briland. What happen to Mrs Moreen Mather and Mrs Bob Conelus responsible for The Harbour Island Day Nursery, Surely they have change a lot of dirty diapers to get a thanks. Mrs Doris Curry who donated a lot of shoes on the bare feet kids who family could not afford it and did not worry about payment. "Pay when you can" was her words. Dr paul adderly treated alot of our parents and grandparents Teeth. Mr T. Berlin Albury JP one of the 1st hardware store's. Mr and Mrs Henry Sawyer, Mr and Mrs Capt. Harold Saunders. Mr and Mrs Herman percentie Sr. Mr and Mrs Calip Major, Mr and mrs Davey Higgs. So many to mention this is a very few thru different times in our Briland's history. Each has a given piece of themselves unselfishly to build Harbour Island. We owe it to our chidren to leave them a future Harbour, continue to buid unselfishly. Build and protect for your children and Grandchildren. Today I wish to Salute MRS MOREEN MATHER AND MRS BOB CORNELUS for the changing of a gereration of dirty Diapers. I propose a Change of the Name of the Harbour Island Day Nursery to Mrs Cornelus and Mrs Mather Daycare or at least a dedication to their name. so lets hear it for these Ladies who gave. Will someone please give the correct spelling to Mrs Cornelus first and last name?

Question:where there one or two sugar mills on Harbour Island?? Answer..........

The Brilandkid

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