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Eleuthera's Goodfellow Farms Makes Good Example In Nassau
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Posted by:May 10th 2004, 03:09:11 pm
Fig Tree News TeamGoodfellow Farms: Demonstrates Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)

Godfrey Eneas


GOODFELLOW FARMS: Under the experienced management of Ian Goodfellow, five acres of a planned 60-acre agricultural centre at Mount Pleasant are now producing a wide variety of pesticide-free salad greens, lettuces, swiss chards, spinach, arugula, herbs and vegetables such as eggplants cucumbers, snow peas and sugar snaps. L to R: Ian and Karen Goodfellow with baby Mclean and Orjan Lindroth the successful community developer whose idea it was to bring Goodfellow Farms to New Providence.

FAO Has Made GAP Its Centrepiece

There are many who believe that farming in The Bahamas cannot be a profitable undertaking nor can it compete with imported commodities. The skeptics and naysayers really do not know what is taking place. But before languishing in this vortex of ignorance, a visit should be paid to Goodfellow Farms either the actual farm or the farm’s website at

Location and Size

Goodfellow Farms is located on the northern boundary of Mount Pleasant, the Bahamian community just outside the gates of Lyford Cay. It is situated on some sixty (60) acres of land, but presently only six (6) acres have been developed for farming.

This operation demonstrates what international agencies like the United Nations, Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and the Organization of American States (OAS) body…Inter-American Institute for Corporation on Agriculture (IICA) have been touting as an example of “Good Agricultural Practices”.

Good Agricultural Practices (GAP)

What are good agricultural practices and why is it so important to the process of food production? The concept of Good Agricultural Practices came out of FAO as a mechanism to address several factors, which have and are challenging the manner in which food is grown and/or produced.

GAP has evolved in recent years, in the context of a rapidly changing and globalising food economy and, as a result of the concerns and commitments of a wide range of stakeholders, in both the developed and developing world, about food production and security, food safety and quality, and the environmental sustainability of agriculture. Ian Goodfellow and his wife, Karen, reflect the new philosophy and attitude to food production.

Goodfellow Farms displays the attributes of fulfilling the objectives of food security, food quality, production efficiency and environmental enhancement and protection.

GAP is a concept, which takes into consideration the interest of small scale producers both for the safety, economy and sustainability of domestic production and livelihood security.

Farm Output

Goodfellow Farms specialises in a range of vegetables and herbs. These include spinach, arugula, lettuce, choi, chard, egg plant, tomatoes, parsley and a mixture of herbs.

The technology employed has enabled the Goodfellows to grow a range of vegetables and herbs, which are competitive with the imports and most of all the high quality of the commodities are attractive to the gourmet restaurants on Paradise Island, Lyford Cay and Nassau as well as to discerning Bahamians who have become extremely conscious of produce which are grown without or a minimum of commercial fertilizers, fungicides and pesticides.

The Future

Goodfellow Farms can be duplicated elsewhere in The Bahamas and it can be used as a model to uplift the level of farm technology, particularly in the southeast Bahamas in conjunction with the employment of good agricultural practices.

The adoption of the good agricultural practices will auger well for farming in The Bahamas. Goodfellow Farms is an excellent example. This is the way forward.

Contact us online at