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Posted by:May 21st 2004, 05:05:35 pm
smittyI know space is short, so I'll try and keep this brief, but you know me and fish stories.It was an awful day.Stanley and I were making the rounds of all the flats and were thoroughly skunked.One refusal after another, no matter what fly I used.About 4:30 we slid up on Pigeon and prepared to make our "last stand".I didn't have a clue what to use so I said "Let's try something stupid" and plucked a Salmon fly out of my box that was tied totally with bright, shiny mylar and two large bead chain eyes on a no. 4 hook.Looked more like a Christmas tree decoration then a Bonefish fly and I told stanley I was going to call it the "Christmas Charlie"Man, was it bright.No sooner had I tied it on than half a dozen Bones came our way.Nothing under 4 or over 5 pounds but in the middle was a bruiser that looked about 10.For once I dropped the fly where I wanted and as soon as it hit, that big boy shot past those smaller fish and gobbled it up like he hadn't eaten in a month.My line sizzled out across the flat with my Billy Pate screaming in protest.Fine by me. The sweetest sound I'd heard all day.Well, you know the drill.Fortunately, Stanley had a net that could handle a T-Rex and 15 minutes later we had him aboard."Oh, mister Ken, I'm thinking 9 or 10 pounds" was his comment and in fact half an hour later on the kitchen scale at Ramora Bay the pointer stopped at 9 pounds on the nose.That was way back in 1991 and do you know all through these years I've never taken another Bone on that fly? Not even close.Can't imagine what that fish was thinking, but maybe it was just our day to catch a big one.It really doesn't have to be any more compicated than that, does it?As I post this, I have but to raise my eyes just a bit to see a picture of a much younger me and my "Christmas Charlie" Bone.Stanley and I still chuckle over that one.How does that saying go? Whom the Gods would destroy, they first make a Bonfisherman?I'll drink to that. Good luck. Ken
Posted by:May 20th 2004, 02:30:55 pm
smittySheeesh, what a dope.Sorry I didn't recognize you, a senior moment.I gotcha now, kid.Remind me to tell you about the 9lber I took on a "Christmas Charlie" a few years back.You go first.
Posted by:May 20th 2004, 01:52:08 pm
KMKI'm the Baybreeze guy.
Posted by:May 18th 2004, 03:29:48 pm
smitty8lber? Beautiful! I've always found the "hottest" fish are on Dixie.I've literally burned my finger on many Dixie fish.You just can't let go fast enough.Can't wait to hear all about it.You'll have to forgive me, I don't know all the initials on the board.Perhaps you can fill me in on KMK. Thanks.
Posted by:May 18th 2004, 11:26:58 am
KMKSmitty, I will give you a report next week. Caught a 8 lbder at Dixie Creek in Dec.
Posted by:May 14th 2004, 02:13:19 pm
smittyJust kidding Maddie.I'm really very sorry to hear of your problems on HI.I can imagine how it must have put a wet blanket on what should have been a very wonderful occasion.The bride and groom will certainly have a wedding to remember.What a pity.Sounds like you took a few fish with one to 7 pounds? Very nice.A shame you couldn't cap it off with an ice cold silver bullet though.That Mt. Gay is no drink for us Bonefisherman.I'm taking some monster Trout here in NY, but keeping one eye on the calendar for my visit to HI in October.Don't be a stranger.If you want an occasional giggle, give me a stir.Good luck, kid. Ken
Posted by:May 14th 2004, 11:28:12 am
MaddieSorry Ken, I was so consumed with my son's wedding and the robberies that I forgot to post a fishing report! Didn't fish as much as usual but had a great time with Stanley, Stuart and Patrick. Was privledged to net a 7+ pounder for a fishing companion! My son caught his first bone on a fly rod! I caught the smallest one ever!
All the days were capped off with a Mt. Gay and tonic or two. I used Patrick for the first time when the crowd was down for the wedding and he was marvelous, I would recommend him to others. Heard reports from fellow fisherman that Jay Ron was more interested in receivng cell phone calls than guiding...
Sorry for the delayed report!
Posted by:May 13th 2004, 04:13:57 pm
smittyHere I sit, waiting patiently for my friend Maddie to tell me about her Bonefishing the past few months.My beer grows warm and flat and my steak grows cold, but alas I get no word.Tears burn my eyes and flow uncontrolled down my cheeks, but alas I get no word.I grow weary and my heart sinks, but alas I get no word.Am I to think I've been cast out among the empties?Perhaps even forgotten?Oh, woe is me..Ken

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