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Posted by:Jul 24th 2004, 04:51:37 pm
EmilyJust to update anyone interested in the topic and the research I was conducting on Harbour Island about counseling and psychotherapy:
I decided to forego the group because of low interest and difficulty planning. I handed out over 30 questionnaires to Brilanders this week which consisted of ten questions regarding residents perspectives of health, counseling, and therapy.
I look forward to reading all the responses and examining the data for my research.
Thank you so much to all willing particpants for taking the time to fill out the survey! Your opinions are so much appreciated!
Take care to all Brilanders, and I will post some information regarding my findings when I complete my Thesis.
See you all soon,
Emily Nemeth
Posted by:Jun 28th 2004, 12:36:53 pm
EmilyThanks for bringing that up Kimberly... thinking about it myself. The videotape will be kept locked up and secure until the research is done and it is erased. The bigger issue which I think you are referring to is the fact that in a "group" situation people can talk, and on a small island.. well we all know that people DO talk.
That is exactly the sort of issue I want to discuss openly in this group.
Brilanders can make suggestions about issues such as confidentiality and how counseling could maintain privacy in such a small community.
These are the concerns I want to discuss in the group!
In terms of people speaking in July I would just say that people only need discuss or do what they are comfortable doing and I will encourage all participants to not discuss other participants opinions outside the group.
Ultimately each participant is responsible for protecting their fellows and there are no guarantees... each participant should only share what they are comfortable talking about.
Thanks again for the question.
Posted by:Jun 28th 2004, 11:55:27 am
KimberlyHi, Emily:
How are you planning to keep these sessions confidential?

I know for a fact that the support you're suggesting would be of huge assistance, but given the continuing taboo about discussing certain social issues in a public forum, you may have a really hard time getting folks to come forward.
Posted by:Jun 27th 2004, 07:47:07 pm
EmilyLooking for Briland Residents to participate in a research group on Thursday, July 22, 2004.

I am a long time visitor to Harbour Island and am currently finishing a Master's degree in psychology (specializing in dance and movement therapy). I am writing my graduate thesis on Harbour Island, the topic is about counseling needs on Harbour Island and how important culture and Briland tradition is in developing an appropriate method of psychotherapy.
I am looking to hear from YOU, the people of Briland... who live and work and have their families on Harbour Island... about what you would or would not like to have available in terms of psychological counseling on Harbour Island.

The group will be 1 1/2 hours long and will be videotaped, but the group will be kept confidential and the video will be used for research purposes only.

I am looking for about 8-12 adults to participate. We will spend time discussing the field of psychology and counseling and participants will be encouraged to share their ideas about these topics.

Come join the group and speak up about what Brilanders want on their island!!
Take a chance to learn about the possibilities for counseling services and to give feedback about what you would want and what you don't want!

My belief is that the residents of Harbour Island should dictate what type of counseling is appropriate for their needs and this group is an attempt to find out specifically what those are!
All opinions welcome!!

Please email me directly if you would like to participate at

Feel free to post any further questions here on the modem!

Hope to see some of you in July!

Thank you,
Emily Nemeth
M.A. in progress

Contact us online at