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Posted by:Jun 30th 2004, 10:49:36 am
smittyAh, Kimberly, me darlin, you're talking to a guy who's sipped the very best.Anti-freeze,Old Spice,Aqua Velva and of course WW fluid.Who do you think gave that Russian the receipe? I know a guy that tried Mt Gay in his washer.Totaled the car in 30 seconds.Fortunately the insurance adjuster was a Vodka man and understood completely.
Maddie, glad to hear about mom.My kind of girl.Worth a NY hoist on the 4th for sure.
Well,whatever all you guys pleasure, my love to each and have a great holiday. I assure you, I'll hold up my end.
Posted by:Jun 29th 2004, 08:16:16 pm
If it will make you feel any better, my Mother is a vodka drinker so you will be represented on the shores of Lake Superior.
Happy Fourth of July to all!
Posted by:Jun 29th 2004, 04:08:14 pm
KimberlyYo, Smitty ... didja read about the Russian entrepreneur who is turning black market vodka made with grain alcohol into a windshield washing fluid? As rum drinkers well know, drinking copious amounts of vodka can cause blindness and even death. In the meantime, confiscated black market vodka, normally 50% grain alcohol, is repackaged as windshield washing fluid.
I've heard that Moscow drivers swear by the product, saying it is the best. In fact, a poll conducted by ARN found that the Absolut windshield washing fluid was the number two selling vodka in Moscow. You're way ahead of the recycling curve, guy ...
Posted by:Jun 29th 2004, 03:56:00 pm
smittyHey Maddie, good luck with your party this weekend.It's still not too late to heave that jug of Mt. Gay into Lake Superior and replace it with some class a Vodka, ya know.With your excellent taste, I just know you'll do that so I can rest in peace.:)

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