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Posted by:Jul 27th 2004, 06:13:48 pm
Today's journal:

Today is overcast with lots of passing rain showers. Yesterday there were some strong storms. Power was knocked out in the north (Bluff) for several hours on Sunday and the phones were out from Gregory Town to Rainbow Bay yesterday evening thru this morning. The sand flies (no-seeums) were horrendous down north on Sunday.
Crawfish season opens Sunday. The big boats are starting their preparations. The cooks are stocking supplies and the crew is gassing up the boats and checking the equipment. Let's hope this is a good season for the guys - as last year was tough. There was lots of wind and bad weather with many mishaps. Let's keep these guys in our prayers for a safe and plentiful season.

We went snorkeling at Jack's Bay on Saturday. I must say, the reefs to the south are phenomenal!!! There is a massive abundance of fish and some incredible coral formations. The reefs start about 20 feet from shore. The further out you go, the more clear the water gets and the more fantastic the sights get. We had a bit of a fright when we got on the back side of the first reef - a 4 foot black tip shark cruised on by. Yipes! But he wasn't interested in us, so we kept going. This is a definite spot for snorkeling for all you enthusiasts out there. Just remember - do NOT touch the reef - do not stand on the reef. There is a thin layer of "slime" on the surface of all reef formations that protects it from many of the reef creatures. When you touch the reef with your hands or flippers or.... you break this protective layer, either killing the plants directly or allowing the fish to access the coral for eating (normally they cannot, as this "slime" repels them). Please ensure the reef is there for many years for many people to enjoy.

HOMECOMINGS!!! This week begins Tarpum Bay's, Governor's Harbour, and Hatchet Bay's homecoming festivals. On Friday night, Governor's will have Visage and Geno D. Visage will return to entertain the crowds on Saturday night too. On Saturday, Tarpum Bay will have K.B.. and T'Rez for the live entertainment. It should be a good time for all.

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