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Bringing Pets to Bahamas
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Posted by:Aug 31st 2004, 09:10:38 pm
chapelHere's a helpful note from the Harbour Island Animal Committee:

We have a vet that comes from Nassau every 3 weeks and visits our own clinic on Clarence Street Harbour Island. His name is Dr. Peter Bizzell and he also has a home and a clinic on Spanish Wells. He can be reached in Nassau at 242-325-1354. We also have myself Hannah and Rosie Mitchell on hand on the island for most pet emergency situations. If you would like to know the schedule you can call his office or myself or Brenda Thornburg at 333-2548. So you can see that a vet is here more often than intermittent vists!!
Posted by:Aug 21st 2004, 09:16:16 pm
HIflyerFWIW the "new" pet import permits are now good for one year from the date of issue. We just got a years worth. They are only good for one trip each.
Posted by:Aug 18th 2004, 05:08:19 pm
smittyAH, there you are Kimberly.I've wondered why you have come to play in my sandbox lately.And how are the winding paths among the slopes of Mt. Gay these days?Hmmmmm?Yes, lass my 60 years of vodka exposure is at last taking its toll.But, as always I'll forge ahead, liver in hand ,undaunted, looking to my young friends such as you, for guidance and understanding.(and an occasional ten spot, if you got it)
Posted by:Aug 18th 2004, 04:20:04 pm
KimberlyHi, Jim:
Our vets make intermittent visits to Harbour Island, so you'll just have to make certain to present the certificate as you're going through Customs either on Harbour Island or somewhere earlier in the chain. As for the Ministry fax number, you're best off calling the contact number listed to personally request the form, to make sure that it's sent out in a timely manner.

As for the preference toward blonde or brunette potcakes, I encourage you to NOT feed the Smitty animals :-). (Just back away from the cage.) Poor man fell over a an Absolut martini a while back, and hasn't been the same since. Sad story, really.
Posted by:Aug 18th 2004, 04:14:38 pm
JimvpThanks Kimberley. Is there a Vet on Harbour Island to present the certificate to?

Is there a FAX number to request the form?

Is there a different form for Blonde vs Brunets?
Posted by:Aug 18th 2004, 11:22:21 am
smittyDoes the permit apply to blondes and red heads?
Posted by:Aug 18th 2004, 11:06:30 am
Bahamas Import Requirements

An Import Permit is required from the Ministry of Agriculture, Trade and Industry (Nassau) for all animals being bought into the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. Applications for such permits can be made in writing or via fax to the Director of Agriculture, Ministry of
Agriculture, Trade and Industry, P.O. Box N-3704, Nassau, The Bahamas.
Telephone 242-325-7502 or 325-7509

For the U.S.A. and Canada, the following are the main provisions of the Import Permit as it applies to dogs and cats:-
a) The animal is six (6) months of age or older.
b) The animal must be accompanied by a valid certificate which substantiates that it has been vaccinated against Rabies within not less than one (1) month and not more than ten (10) months prior to importation.
c) The animal must be accompanied by a Veterinary Heath Certificate presented within forty-eight (48) hours of arrival in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas to a Licensed Vetinarian for an examination. THE PERMIT IS VALID FOR NINETY (90) DAYS FROM DATE OF ISSUE.

Regulations for all other types of animals and relating to countries not mentioned above may be obtained from the Director of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture, Trade and Industry, P.O. Box N-3704, Nassau, The Bahamas. Applications should state the kind of animal, breed, age, sex and country of embarkation.

Customs Duty for permanent entry of all animals from outside the Commonwealth of The Bahamas (dogs, cats, cattle, horses) are $10 plus 1/2% of the value of the animal. Yearly fees for dog licenses in New Providence, Grand Bahama and the other Family Islands are: male or spayed female, $2.00, female $6.00. Animals not meeting these requirements will not be allowed to enter the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

Hope this helps
Posted by:Aug 18th 2004, 10:56:24 am
JimvpWhat is the procedure for bringing a pet to the Bahamas from the US for a visit?

Contact us online at