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Hurricane Frances Wrapup [8 Sep 2004] ** Frances Had You Bored??**
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Posted by:Sep 8th 2004, 07:10:30 pm
Fig Tree News TeamHere's the latest news from Kimberly Morgan at Morgan's Harbour near James Cistern with regard to the imminent closure of the Glass Window Bridge for repair:

"Thank you to all of our friends and family that prayed for us all on Eleuthera. We have been all around and there is damage in the Area of Rainbow on the North side by the Atlantic and in James Cistern along the waterfront as could be expected from the surge of water.

The roads are clear and power is on. Quite a bit of phone service, and cell phones are great. There is a pond of water north of the bridge which makes passing tricky by skiff or large truck, but now the Glass Window Bridge is slated to close tonight. It appears to have shifted about 2 or three feet to the south.

Watch which airport you fly into and bear this in mind. Anyone with a question is welcome to contact us, e-mail, as we have been out extensively on the Eleuthera roads.
Posted by:Sep 8th 2004, 06:23:09 pm
KimberlyAny amateur meteorologists out there? Please respond to Dr. Simon Young directly at .

Frances and Ivan

I am trying to compile a wind field map for Frances as it crossed TCI-Bahamas and Ivan as it crossed the Windwards - so would appreciate you posting a general note on StormCarib for any instrumental wind data collected by 'amateur' meteorologists with automated weather stations which kept operating for at least part of the storm's passage.

Anyone with data can contact me at (Penn State University).

Dr Simon Young
Penn State University
Posted by:Sep 8th 2004, 05:52:50 pm
KimberlyHi, everyone:
Thank God, Hurricane Frances was so much milder than its counterparts Floyd and Andrew. The cleanup throughout the islands has been thorough for the past four days, and international interest in the welfare of the various islands throughout the Bahamas has been intense.

In the meantime, by way of example, we wanted to share with you the latest statistics as to the number of unique visitors checking out the latest storm information on ** per hosting site ** since Frances started bringing it on last Thursday.

Not only did our regional team monitor ZNS's excellent live streaming coverage around the clock, but also covered Island FM online and the Arthur Rolle meteorological reports at

Courtesy of our network of satellite phone/ham radio/cell phone operators throughout Eleuthera and Harbour Island and Florida, we shared timely information with the Eleuthera board [],, LA-Bahamas, Abacoboard [], and, and answered media questions from editors of several Florida newspapers.

In the meantime, no fewer than 42 local resorts throughout the Bahamas have asked to be added to our daily storm news e-mail blast since Friday morning.

Sep 2, 2004 77,536
Sep 3, 2004 212,050
Sep 4, 2004 144,940
Sep 5, 2004 103,662
Sep 6, 2004 70,811
Sep 7, 2004 36,405

Posted by:Sep 8th 2004, 05:45:56 pm
chapelAs photographs of the storm's aftermath begin to come in, we've set up a gallery at ** or see the immediate link above. Thank you to Robert Arthur, Balara Manor, Shannon Keyes and Richard Lusk for sending in some pretty exceptional photography!
Posted by:Sep 8th 2004, 05:43:45 pm
chapelFast Ferry news from Stephen Thompson of Bahamas Ferries:

The Bo Hengy resumed service today into Spanish Wells and Harbour Island, and the ro/pax vessels are back on their regular schedules. Seawind went to Governor's Harbour today, is scheduled to go again on Thu and Sealink will go to Current on Fri & Sun - all regular schedules per the website
Posted by:Sep 8th 2004, 05:42:25 pm
Fig Tree News TeamFrances had you bored?

By Felicia Newchurch- Saunders,Guardian Features Reporter

After the devastation and destruction left behind by a powerful and slow hurricane Frances, no one wants to imagine a similar fate that may result from hurricane Ivan which local meteorologists are closely monitoring. However, the hurricane season is not over yet, so keep in mind that it is a possibility of The Bahamas being threatened again.

During a storm, you can count on your electricity being cut off, thus having some sort of entertainment for the 24 and some plus hours can save you from suffering from boredom.

Instead of worrying about your roof being blown away, keep calm by remaining occupied at all times, unless of course, there is a serious threat of danger. At this point, being worried and nervous is enough entertainment for you.

Talk it out

This would be the perfect time to talk about unsolved problems, about topics you having avoiding. Some families hardly ever get the opportunity to sit down together at a dining room table to eat a meal. Someone is usually out at a game, next door at the neighbour's or a parent often works late.

During a hurricane, you are stuck with each other in your home, so what better time to say to your son/daughter, "I've been meaning to talk to you about something I found in your top drawer a few weeks ago."

Talk about things that you observed, but never had the opportunity to comment on. This may be complimenting someone on a job well done on a chore or other task or assign your kids simple tasks to be carried out after the storm.

This is also an ideal time to talk about future plans for your family especially, newly weds. Wondering how you are going to start that business of yours? Sure, there is no electricity, but don't let that stop you. Light a candle, pull out a pen and paper and discuss possible solutions to problems and ways that you can achieve some of your goals.

It's natural for your mind to be occupied with the fierce winds of the storm, but if it is one like Frances that traveled at a speed of six m.p.h., you would probably worry yourself sick.

Get that needed rest

While some people spend each moment of a storm walking about in their houses, looking for possible damages or raiding the refrigerator, many say they sleep the whole thing through.

After working long hours throughout the week, all year around, at times you may feel that you just do not get enough rest. Although heat may be an issue as a result of power outages, finding a comfortable room in the house to relax and snooze can do your body well.

Play games

Get your mind off the storm by playing a game. Encourage young children to play together. After getting all the necessary items for a storm, pick up a game of Connect Four or Checkers to take you through. Be sure to get extra batteries for toddlers who like to carry around hand toys. Keeping them occupied can mean less questions from them and less stress. Monitor your kids closely, making sure they do not venture outside into the dangers of the storm.

Frances was not a storm to be played with. Fear stemmed through the veins of thousand Bahamians nationwide. For some, the last thing on their minds was entertainment. However, many people said they were bored during the storm and most found themselves eating and eating and eating.

You don't have to add five extra pounds to your body weight during the course of two days. Keep in close contact with your family, as long as telephone communication is possible. If you are an artist, work on a creative project like writing a song, poem or composing new music.

Hurricanes are devastating, chaotic, and our location makes these deadly cyclones inevitable. You do not need added stress during a storm by worrying unnecessarily. The least you can do is make the best out of the time off from work and entertain yourself.

Contact us online at