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Derek In Da Yard: ** Anudder 'Cane Comin' **
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Posted by:Sep 17th 2004, 03:19:43 pm
Fig Tree News TeamAnudder 'cane comin
I can't take no more
gatta batten ma windas agin
An' lock-up tight ma door
In dese lass days
'Canes comin by da score

Dis' one comin' fass
No matter what I wish
Back agin to da shop
For water an' tuna-fish

I need more plywood
For dis devil in da sky
But dat dam man
Done raise da price sky high

Need ta full ma car tank
Wit gas what so dear
Don't know what for
Cause I een drivin' no where
An da line so long
I could hardly bear

I done lock-down naa
In my house-prison so tight
Dis one gon hit us
In da middle a da night

It reach! It reach!
It on top a me right now
Light off, water off
Who need dem anyhow
An' yinna chirren shut up
Dis een no time ta row

I peep tru one lil hole
An' see da rain an' mighty breeze
People even walkin' in da streets
Vell mudda freeze!

Coconut tree dem ben' right down
Lord help us please
ma crops done gone
Banana, corn an' peas

Da water level risin'
Plenty shingle flyin'
Hope I make it till mornin'
Lord what kinda lan'
I gone get born in?

Erryting quiet naa
I gone outside ta spy
What dat man on da radio jess say?
Oh Jesus! Dis only da eye

I haul-ass back inside
For safety an' protection
Naa da breeze blowin' twice as hard
An' comin'from da nex' direction

Vell da sun up an' it over now
Look like we bin' tru war
Please, please Mr. Jesus
Please don't sen' no more

Tings gettin' back in order
It gon be a good day
Whatchu say Mr. Wedderman?
Anudder one on da way?
Vell I gat plenty experience naa
cause dese dam 'canes don't play.

(c) derek catalano 2004
"You Only Live Once"

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