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Hurricane Jeanne's Man of The Moment
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Posted by:Sep 27th 2004, 12:06:40 pm
Fig Tree News TeamThis just in ...

"My nominee for Hurricane Man of the Moment is Ben Bethel of Harbour Island. What he did was above and beyond the call of duty, in my estimation. During the Eye of the Storm in Hurricane Frances, Ben left his home at the south end of Harbour Island and drove to the middle of the island to check the condition of my house.

He found the main back door blown off and water inside the house. He swept the water out and nailed the door back on so as to keep the water from getting in during the back and most severe side of the storm. He got back to his house just in time for the back side to hit Harbour Island. He is my hero.

Sharon King
King's Country
Posted by:Sep 26th 2004, 10:44:11 pm
Fig Tree News TeamThe Fig Tree News Team received an unsolicited vote for Matthew of Twin Air North Eleuthera as Hurricane Man of the Moment, a brand-new award that we've instituted this year to call attention to local folks going way beyond the call of duty in the course of storm preparation:

"If I were allowed, God forbid, to have only ONE friend in North Eleuthera, then it would be Mattie (Matthew).

While I was being informed of the impending closure of EVERYTHING out of North Eleuthera airport: all flights, US Air, the airport, etc., Mattie comes to me and says "Hey, you need to go? Let's go, NOW, FAST."

He screams across the tarmac dragging my 70# roller bag with one hand, and waving at the pilots of a plane taxing with the other. They stop, telephone US customs with my passport #, and then let me on the plane.

Matthew (and his friendship, connections with the airplane) got me on the last flight out from ELH.

What is the ad? "I LOVE THIS MAN!" That's Mattie!!!

Thank you Mattie, and thank you Twin Air.

Richard Haskell
Dunmore Cottage

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