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Bahamian Artists for Hurricane Relief
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Posted by:Sep 27th 2004, 04:21:07 pm
Fig Tree News Team`Bahamian Artists For Hurricane Relief'

The entire Bahamas has recently been affected by the devastating strength of Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne. It left a trail of destruction that would not be forgotten for many years to come. If there is anything
positive to be gotten from this horrific experience, it would be the way Bahamians have come together to help their less fortunate
brothers and sisters who have lost their homes and belongings.

A group of passionate Bahamians, Fred Ferguson, Dillon McKenzie, Ronald Simms and Lia Head, who formed a company, Yinna Dem, in an
effort to promote Bahamian music and entertainment, thought it fitting to organize an event that will bring together many of the
local Gospel and Secular musicians and entertainers in a concert/telethon to gather funds and supplies to aid persons affected by the hurricane.

This Press Conference is our way of showing as many people involved
in this effort including Minister Obie Wilchcombe, Carl Smith of
NEMA, Director of Culture Nicolette Bethel, Bahamasair, The Bahamas
National Pan-Hellenic & Clubs, Bahamas Toastmasters, The Pilot Club
of The Bahamas, ZNS Bahamas, Bahamas Rotary Clubs
just to name a few!

For the day of the event, the public will be requested to bring
canned goods and clothing, which will be placed in receptacles at the
site, packaged and put in a trailer and turned over to NEMA and The
Red Cross for distribution around the islands.

The date for the event is 2nd October, 2004 held on Clifford Park,
starting at midnight Friday Oct 1st ending midnight Saturday Oct 2nd

The list of events are as follows:

12:00am 4:00am Rake `N Scrape til Da Mornin' Come
featuring Rake `N Scrape bands from around the country and open mic
for poets and the spoken word facilitated by Krissy Luv's Island
Poets and Da Spot Poets Live Remote with Island FM covering the
Rake `N Scrape event on air!

4:00am 6:00am Junkanoo Rush-out

All Day Collection of donations, packaging boxes and announcements of
contributions by various clubs and organizations

Live Broadcast of National Telethon with Special Commentators

Midday 12:00am Performances by Secular &Gospel artists from
around the country

Commonwealth Recording Studios will provide all necessary lights and
sound requirements.

The performers have all agreed to donate their services and a house
band, Tingum Dem, under the direction of Mr. Fred Ferguson, would
provide the music

All artists approached have consented including, but not limited to:
Ronnie Butler, KB, Ira & The Spank Band, Terez, Sparkles, Freddie
Munnings Jr, Berkley Van Byrd, Nehemiah Heild,

Geno D, Spice, Novie Pierre, Alia Coley, Funky D, Nita, Ray Munnings,
Ambassah, The G'Notes, The Soulful Groovers, Ronnie Armbrister,
Bahamen, Leon Taylor, Brad Lundy, Kenyatta Taylor, Vision, Shabbak,
Christian Massive and The FAM Records Family just to name a few!

The local media houses have been approached to assist in promoting
this event and The Broadcasting Corporation of The Bahamas has been
requested to provide live television and Radio Coverage of the event
for the purpose of the telethon and for the benefit of persons in
the Family Islands. There is also a plan to have the event streamed
live via the Internet.

The Wyndham Crystal Palace has offered to provide a boardroom that
would serve as a Secretariat and for the purpose of a location for
the installation of telephones for the telethon.

Carl Smith of NEMA is on board and will assist in the coordination
Starvibes & The New Breed.TV is on board and will assist in the

Percy Sweeting of The Bahamas Musicians' Union is on board
Also on board are community greats such as The Pilot Clubs of The
Bahamas, `The Lunch Bunch', Toastmasters, Club 1600, The US
Embassy to do their part!

Batelco to provide the necessary telephone lines and Internet

Bahamasair to provide transportation for 30 Family Island performers
including the Rake-n-Scrape groups from Cat Island, Long Island and

Ministries of Culture, Tourism and Education are on board.

Tropical Shipping is sponsoring the trailers, storage and assembly
Local vendors will be responsible for ensuring that food is available

Mr. Fred Ferguson and Ms. Alia Coley have composed a song
specifically for this cause and have received assistance from top
musicians to create a CD that will be available for sale at the
concert with all proceeds going to the relief fund. The CD would
also be given to persons that pledge a determined amount of cash
during the telethon.

All of the necessary logistics including grounds preparation,
security, parking, garbage disposal and seating, are being addressed
and persons from the public and private sector will be approached to
assist in these areas. This event is intended to bring Bahamians
together in an atmosphere of togetherness while providing healthy
entertainment and encouraging persons to give and support their
brothers and sisters who need help at this time.

We need assistance in getting monetary donations, working the events
to assist NEMA in collection of donated items, to work the Telethon
and generally to be out in full support of the event and join our

Interested persons should call the below contacts or send emails to thank you in advance!

Fred Ferguson 477-3433 / 323-3454
Lia Head 323-6355/423-8977 / 325-1854
Minarda Powell 557-4523
Please pass this on lets make this happen!

Contact us online at