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Need Photos and Maps
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Posted by:Nov 10th 2004, 10:27:10 am
PerryJ<< I came across this map but don't know how accurate it is as I have never been to Briland: >>

I can vouch for the accuracy of the map -- I created it from scratch. I mapped all of the roads from GPS data gathered during my last stay on Harbour Island. Everything should be within about +- 25'. The roads are actual "tracks" taken by the GPS. I made a serious effort to map all the major and minor roadwork, however there are some additional dirt /sand and private roads that aren't listed such as the private community on the south end of the island.

The vast majority of the "locators" were also placed based on GPS coordinates.

I've considered posting the GPS data on the site at some point so others could preload the data into their GPS unit. I've also considered most won't care :-) Anyone into geocaching?

The outline of the island may not be absolutely perfect, but it's definately close. In time, I plan on redefining some of the coast line once I gather additional data, however that would only be for the sake of perfection. What you see now is close enough for what we're doing.

Perry J
Posted by:Oct 21st 2004, 03:41:14 am
EmilyThanks, those maps are great...
much appreciate it.
Posted by:Oct 21st 2004, 03:41:09 am
MaddieAll three of the maps in Johanna's reply are quite accurate.
Posted by:Oct 19th 2004, 06:09:51 pm

the map on this website is a bit too small (I can't read the street names)

I came across this map but don't know how accurate it is as I have never been to Briland:

two more maps
Harbour Island Marina map - with topography

Red Apple Harbour Island Map - selfdrawn (but also too small)
Posted by:Oct 10th 2004, 03:25:17 pm
KimberlyHey, Emily ... if you go to the Briland News & Tales link at the top of the board, you'll see an entry for aerial photographs at the Local Beat.

Hope this helps
Posted by:Oct 10th 2004, 12:59:21 pm
EmilyI am looking for some good aerial photos of the island or good views from the bay which show the town and harbour etc. I could also use a good map of town. I will be using these as part of a Master's thesis I am writing on the island. Please email me any pictures of maps or let me know a good website or resource. Thanks so much!

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