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Girls' Bank Cleanup This Saturday
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Posted by:Nov 3rd 2004, 02:50:54 pm
Fig Tree News TeamKarol's travelling, and having problems posting to the messageboard directly:

"Thanks to everyone for the support. Although Saturday's clean-up was disappointing, the resulting conversation on the board and elsewhere is anything but. Maybe this is exactly what was needed to effect some change in Briland.

We'll try again at Girl's Bank during the Christmas holiday and I still plan on proposing similar efforts throughout the following year. Let's hope that participation increases with each project. Thanks again."

Karol King-Black
Posted by:Nov 3rd 2004, 11:10:30 am
Richard PEmily somebody wrote "Even with free time, you think everyone wants to spend it cleaning up a mess so that the island "looks pretty" for the next photo shoot."

Oh My God. Is this what you thin kthe uproar is all about? Do you have any idea what you are talking about, the flats feed into the harbour which feed into the bonefishing flats off north Eleuthera which feeds into the greater ocean that supports the bottom fishermen and deepsea fishermen and lobster fisherman who make the most of their living from the sea? and You have been coming to our island for all of your life?
Posted by:Nov 3rd 2004, 11:05:36 am
smittyNice try.But let me say this, and you can take it to the bank.If Karol King had offered 10 dollars an hour for the clean up, there would have been a thousand natives on Girl Bank.Pathetic.
Posted by:Nov 3rd 2004, 01:43:09 am
BozHello Karol King, I want to say that it was a great effort that was taken to clean up the Girls Bank in H.I. this Saturday. I wish that there could be more of these kinds of programs that were implemented around the community so that we as Bahamains could bocomem more aware of the enviornment around us, lets start with the kids. Please lets be in touch for future projects and maybe I can assist in the future.
My web page is, please check it out and send me a mail, thanx.
Posted by:Nov 3rd 2004, 01:42:54 am
BrilandkidMs Karol King Job well done and thank you for your efforts. You have nothing to regret. For the people that know Brilanders understand that nothing ever started with a big hoopla. It take a while for Brilanders to jump on any band wagon. When I, Mr Lester Sawyer, Mr Brian Sawyer and Mr Larry Cleare restarted the aunual Junknoo contest parade held in Harbour, with the help of the local commissioner, Coral Sands And Valentines Club we were refered to as a total nut cases very few locals even family members did not believed in us, Now some years later it is a huge anually event. We do not claim credit for this event or even want thanks. we only know that we contributed to our Island like any thoughful and concern Brilanders would without considering self.
Just for the record My Grandfather Capt. Harold Saunders preceeded us with parades to tourist guest houses, but did not conduct a contest. Again Ms Karol thanks you may have just started possible anual event.
Posted by:Nov 2nd 2004, 04:55:52 pm
seashellEmily - as usual, you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Anyone who knows you also knows to take what tumbles out of your mouth with a grain of salt. You are hardly a credible spoksperson for Harbour Island and our issues, as you've missed the point entirely.
Posted by:Nov 2nd 2004, 04:38:17 pm
KimberlyHi, Emily:
Thanks for your perspective. All I have to say is, was very specifically launched in 1999 as a community forum, and not one targeted at second homeowners and tourists. That being said, more than 300 locals sign in to's messageboard every day, and the board frequently boasts messages and updates from local Brilanders. The issue here is not whether second homeowners have a better keen on the litter issue on Harbour Island whatsoever ... the issue is that there are many issues at a local level that need to be addressed and fast. There are many locals who take pride in maintaining the beauty of Harbour Island, and there are yet others who take advantage of the situation. The present conversation has nothing to do with bashing locals, as you say, and everything to do with the complete and utter collapse of a cleanup campaign that had been planned for months in tandem with local government.

Yes, people have been frank in their disappointment with the ongoing litter issue at Girls Bank/The Flats. But it's not fair to describe the situation as being one of second homeowners with a different take on the situation than Brilanders. More than 75 Brilanders have posted responses to the situation via e-mail to that they specifically requested be kept OFF of the message board, including the local branch of the Ministry of Tourism, and they're furious with the situation as well. Here's to hoping that this week's provocative discussion brings even more of them to the forefront of the issue of keeping Briland beautiful.

Posted by:Nov 2nd 2004, 04:32:00 pm
EmilyWow, I am really shocked by the anger of these responses. The comment from one who says "I have had it with Harbour Island" and isn't coming back?! I don't want to excuse a problem with littering or trash but I feel like a much bigger picture is being left out and I really ask that all of you who are so distraught that the local turnout for this clean up was, well, non-existent... WHERE WERE YOU? and more importantly, isn't it nice that you can just choose to sell your second home or pick a different spot to vacation or spend your time outraged about other important causes. Of Course, it would be incredible if the whole of Briland came down to clean up.. wouldn't it be great if kids learned not to litter and people didn't dump things outside in the first place.. but that isn't how it is. I have the luxury of having been brought up in a world where I have time to ponder the environment and my impacts, but other people and cultures don't focus on that. People, everywhere, get caught up in their lives... single moms taking care of babies, grandmothers with two or three jobs, men out rebuilding from the hurricane, or making a living building houses. Even with free time, you think everyone wants to spend it cleaning up a mess so that the island "looks pretty" for the next photo shoot. Maybe they have better things to do, or maybe they don't and they just don't care.. maybe that should say something... maybe this blessed tourism you are talking about has some negative impacts as well that some people, I think, are overlooking. Listen, I think everyone's heart is in the right place.. we want the community to be as amazing as it can be, in every way. We want it beautiful and clean, we want people to come together, and yes, certainly we respect the efforts of those motivated to work hard at that. I've known the Kings my whole life, they are Brilanders at the deepest level, and wonderful people (thank you, thank you for your efforts).. but they come and go, it isn't the same. I don't volunteer in my local community, I don't make the time. It isn't that I don't care about things, maybe I should make more of an effort.. but I just want people to look at things from a different perspective. Honestly, from what I have seen of this message board, most Brilanders don't even use it. It is mostly second home owners and tourists writing in. I don't know, sorry to blab, I just feel like blaming the community and hearing second home owners taking credit for being some kind of saints is a crock of bull.. Maybe, I'm wrong, but think about it.
Posted by:Nov 2nd 2004, 09:13:25 am
Fig Tree News TeamLuca Roberts writes in:
I want to ask Eloise Knowles about the old "Women's Action Group" She was a good leader, and much good came from the efforts of all who were active. Where are those like minded people today? Good luck to Karol -- life can be messy! Long time love of your beautiful bit of paradise.

Lucia and George
Posted by:Nov 1st 2004, 11:20:19 am
smittyNo one should have to thank Kimberly or Karol. The people of Briland should have taken upon themselves to clean up girl Flat.What were they waiting for, all that junk to rot or wash away?Obviously there is no self esteem or respect.They don't maid the handouts of computers,books, school supplies,etc ad nauseaum.The thousands of dollars of tourism that's poured into Briland, but ask for a little sweat on their part and this what you get.Zilch. Let's hear it Brilanders, what you got to say for yourself? Huh?Not that anyone cares, but I've had with HI. Live in your filth and garbage, I'm going elsewhere.
Posted by:Nov 1st 2004, 11:03:21 am
KimberlyThanks for your note, Snowy, but the Briland Pride project is entirely Karol's baby ... she worked long and hard to put the cleanup together.
Posted by:Nov 1st 2004, 11:01:59 am
snowyHow do you instill a sense of pride among Brilanders? The beach is what feeds their little ones and puts clothes on their backs...I just dont understand the trash issue! If everyone had given 1 hour.....thanks Kimberly for a job well done...when we see beautiful Girls beach we will have you to thank!
Posted by:Nov 1st 2004, 11:01:43 am
smittyI can't imagine absolutely no one showed up for the clean up.What on earth is wrong with you peopole?There are so many people working so hard 24/7 to make Harbour Island a better place for not only the children(especially the children)but all you natives as well.Is this how you thank those tireless indivuduals?I'm hurt deeply by your indifference and consider this a slap in the face to those wonderful people.A black day for Briland. Shame on you all.You don't deserve these people.Turn your back on them and you shoot yourself in the foot.I could say much more, but what's the use. Ken
Posted by:Nov 1st 2004, 11:01:27 am
JohnOne other thought, why do we always have to give a donation in money for someone to do something that benefits us all. Where is the community spirit to do something for the good of the Island or for others.
Posted by:Oct 31st 2004, 10:25:52 pm
Fig Tree News TeamThis response came in from a second homeowner who prefers to remain anonymous:

"Hey, Kimberly. I'm down here now. Funny your note comes when it does: all
morning I've been thinking about how blessed the local folks are with the
huge heaps of goodwill and generosity thrust upon them by the tourists.

Just an hour ago, BEFORE I had seen your note, I was commenting on this to
[my wife], and saying how completely helpless they'd be without this
taken-for-granted largess. What's more, so far as I know, there's nobody on
this island excepting your mother and Geraldine, who understands this!!
Posted by:Oct 31st 2004, 05:53:30 pm

What I really DON'T get is, why folks couldn't just show up for an hour to help.

The Boys Brigade, district council members, churchgoers, local truckers, the Junior Junkanoo team, the schoolkids ... could no one spare a single hour? Even if only a half-dozen folks had even BOTHERED to stop in, the awesome cleanup effort would not have been in vain.

I realize that much reconstruction is underway post-hurricane season, but what with the high season on the island starting in little over a month, the mess on the flats really needs to be taken care of. What on earth is everyone waiting for?
Posted by:Oct 31st 2004, 04:55:19 pm
JohnHow sad!! Wish we were there to help and will do so later if needed.
Posted by:Oct 31st 2004, 04:55:13 pm
MaddieThat is a disgrace!! The people of Harbour Island better start taking some pride in their island.God bless Karol for all her efforts!
Posted by:Oct 31st 2004, 11:27:19 am
chapelPost-cleanup report:

Briland Pride cleanup director Karol King-Black arrived at Girls Bank on Saturday morning ready to work with the local citizens who had committed to participating in the cleanup of the area, which was particularly hard-hit by Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne. Mattresses, sinks, satellite dishes, clothing, plastic jugs filled with sand, old shoes and bags of garbage covered the sand flats.

Local businesses -- Summer Johnson's market, Pigly Wigly, Big Red's grocery stores, TK Water -- supported the effort by donating sodas, water and refreshments for use by the anticipated volunteers.

Several truckers and two local garbage collection companies indicated their support of the project, and the entire Harbour Island District Council was enthusiastic in their support as of last Wednesday's council meeting.

Guess what?

No one showed up. Karol King-Black singlehandedly packed thirty bags of garbage from 10:00 a.m. until 3:40 p.m. No truckers showed up to cart the garbgae away, none of the promised assistance arrived to help her dislodge some of the sand-sodden mattresses and other garbage littering one of the island's most photographed locations.

No one from the garbage dump actually bothered to show up -- despite their stated committment to the project -- to unlock the gates of the dump.

Community spirit, eh?
Posted by:Oct 29th 2004, 09:55:28 am
Fig Tree News TeamSee you at Girls Bank tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m.!

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