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Tarpum Bay Today: Fishing Update
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Posted by:Nov 18th 2004, 03:27:21 pm
Fig Tree News TeamThursday, November 18, 2004

Good morning. The weather today in Eleuthera is cool and clear. The sun is out among partially cloudy skies. There is a 50% chance of rain today. A slight breeze blows over the landscape. Todays high is expected to be around 85 degrees Fahrenheit with a low tonight of 73 degrees. Quite a cool one for the night time.

Itís a pleasant day for outdoor activities. Any outdoor activity like gardening, snorkeling, touring the island, barbecuing and many other activities lend themselves to weather like today.

If your looking for something interesting to do just make your way to the local docks here in Tarpum Bay and watch the daily catch of fish being cleaned and processed. Itís a great opportunity to take photographs of the fishermen and other waterfront shots along the way.

Enjoy our Eleuthera weather today.

News, Articles and Poetry:

Morning Observation

Some days I just donít know why

Why I look at the pleasant sky

And then some days it rains

And I am filled with tremendous pain

I rise to feel that Iíve been taken

And then I realize that Iím awakened

To see the world through different eyes

And not to hide behind any disguise

I see the world both light and plain

This lifeís portion I proclaim

That I have made it back today

This special place in such a way

To have an impact on the world

To watch the morning flags unfurl

To be a leader in this time

Of pleasantries and peace of Mind

It is important in my world

That life goes on despite the girl

I live forever wanting more

Attached to this psyche I adore

God gives strength and I resolve

To share the greatest gift of love

To those who travel to my door

And leave each moment wanting more

There is so much more that I can say

Iíll leave it for another day

When I arise and find I have a way

Again to share the pleasant love of human kind

Fishing Report:

Gone are the days that I remember so well. I recall that in my youth in our neighborhood called Westard here in Tarpum Bay I had to awake every Saturday morning early around 7am and make my way with a dollar to the local dock where the fish is cleaned and processed even until today.

On such mornings it was my exclusive family duty to purchase the fish making the most important preference of kind to be the Porgy fish. Snapper took second priority.

Mr. Dowson Hunt had a midsize boat which he built himself and on the boat he had an open well always on Saturday mornings filled with live fish. Everything was fresh. He killed the fish, mumbled, ďHow much you want?Ē I mumbled in return,ĒOne dollars worth.Ē

He scooped the live fish he selected for me from the open well on the boat and struck each fish killing it instantly with a blow of his fish stick. He then killed at least five or six more fish. After this he gather a piece of top string, crumbled and make it flexible and fed the top string through the gills of every fish, took my dollar and handed the line of fresh fish to me.

I walked my way home along the seashore with my string of fresh fish dreading the fact that now I had to scale it, clean the guts out and hand it over to mama who was waiting for it in order to begin making the traditional stew fish which was an every Saturday meal. We all loved stew fish. It was one of the most tasty dishes mother made.

I can see the open well on Mr. Dowsons boat now teeming with a wide species and color of the many types of fish he caught by hand line earlier that morning or through the night.

The thing is that he always had adequate to feed the entire community. We didnít go a day without fresh fish being available. What stands out most as well is that Mr. Dowson only charged less than 25 cents for an entire fish.

The same fish today will cost you more than a dollar. Oh the inflation and pricing have changed the cost of fish tremendously.

The most exciting part of my entire Saturday routine was seeing the colorful fish swim around in the holding tank on Mr. Dowsons boat.

There are no live wells today on local boats. They have a different technique. They shoot the fish killing it instantly and have to make the journey back home to sell the fish before it spoils. In cool weather such as this a dead fish can last for many hours before rotting. However in the summer the hot days demand a shorter time for keeping fish and the fishermen have to return home earlier in order to maintain the fresh quality of their fish.

I will never forget the Old time fisherman like Mr. Dowson, Mr. Reggie who was a second choice in buying fish after Mr. Dowson because he did not catch as many Porgies, the favorite fish of my father who got first preference to choose the type of fish we would consume any day.

George Major

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