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Bahamas Police Earns Community Service Praise In Los Angeles
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Posted by:Nov 29th 2004, 04:59:13 pm
Lutra AnnieYour article from Bahama uncensored on the message board...........if only that could happen on the Out Islands ... where the police actually joined in clean ups of the islands ... both garbage and crime, there would be renewed respect for these men in uniform. I hope it works and congratulations to Perry Christie for instigating this.
Posted by:Nov 28th 2004, 03:12:32 pm
Fig Tree News TeamFrom this week's

The Prime Minister told the story of how he introduced the idea of Urban
Renewal and the involvement of the Royal Bahamas Police Force. He was then
the Leader of the Opposition facing what looked like a doubtful challenge
to the then Free National Movement government. He shared the idea of
cleaning up the inner city that he believed had been abandoned to poverty
and garbage by an insensitive society and Government. He believed that the
police could partner with the community and clean the place up. He spoke
to Paul Fahquharson, Commissioner of Police [Ed.: and our very own Martha
Deveaux's son] about his idea, and the Commissioner went to work. That was
April 2002. On 2nd May 2002, the Prime Minister won the General
Election. He spoke to the Commissioner again but this time to order the
programme fully into action.

This week on Thursday 25th November, the Commissioner of Police showed off
proudly the International Association of Police Chief's Award for Community
Policing at a ceremony at the British Colonial hotel. The Prime Minister
was the main speaker. The programme is now being felt in Grand Bahama and
throughout New Providence and will be taken to the islands. The idea is
that the command structure of the police cuts through the bureaucracy,
cleaning up and eliminating poverty and gets the job
done. Congratulations! The original award was presented to the
Commissioner on 17th November in Los Angeles, California.

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