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Vote for Brilanders in People's Choice Bahamian Music Awards
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Posted by:Dec 22nd 2004, 02:20:35 pm
KristelTo vote go to:

The Brilanders (from our own Harbour Island) are up for People's Choice Bahamian Song at the Cacique Awards. The People’s Choice Bahamian Song Competition identifies the top Bahamian songs of the year. Eligible songs are those that are recorded in the Bahamian style (ie, Rake-and-scrape or Junkanoo) and released during the preceding year. The top finalists in both categories will give an exciting performance at the Cacique Awards on January 28. The winner from each category (performer and composer) will be chosen at the end of the night.

You can listen to an excerpt from Sweet Bahamian Music at

I find that this song speaks of exactly how I feel when I listen to bahamian music....
Here are some lyrics from Sweet Bahamian Music:
Bahamian Music or Nuttin'!
The mood is right and I'm feeling hot tonight
I hear the rake n scrape
There's some partyin' near by
Gal kick off your shoes
Come let's do this spongy move
People come from all around
and we are getting down
To the sweet Bahamian music
Makes you kick off your shoes
And wine to the groove
Makes your body do things
you didn't know it coulda do
Dancin' to the junkanoo
And rake n scrape too
Bahamian music's gonna capture you


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