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Posted by:Jan 10th 2005, 07:39:03 am
smittyHad no idea Stanley had prostate surgery.I know he problems several years ago in that area but thought all was ok.If you speak to him again, please give him my best wishes.Thanks.I agree he probably doesn't eat right or take very good care of himself. Maybe this will be a wake up call.Tight lines, kid.
Posted by:Jan 8th 2005, 03:26:16 pm
MaddieSpeaking of Stanley... His youngest daughter Stanlika, called this morning from Florida to report that Stanley came through his prostate surgery with flying colors. He will be in Florida for a couple more weeks and then home to Briland. I spoke with Stanley and he sounded very chipper and said he should be back in action in time to go fishing when I go down mid-March. He said the swelling in his leg has gone way down also. My guess is that bed rest, prpoer diet and medical care have helped that situation. I just hope he can maintain it when he comes home.
Posted by:Jan 7th 2005, 04:05:05 pm
smittyI understand they're good rods.I cast a 10wt Loomis once and it was as light as an 8wt.I gave away a great fiberglass 9wt several years ago.Been kicking myself ever since.I don't believe rod makers can make a graphite 2 pc that won't snap.Hence the advent of the "travel" rod.They snap them ahead of time and pass them off as something else.
Posted by:Jan 7th 2005, 03:57:34 pm
MaddieI love my Loomis 8 wt.
Posted by:Jan 7th 2005, 03:48:16 pm
smittyGood old Stanley.He knows how to do it.Yes, the people of Briland can be very special.
I'm heading for Treasure Cay in late Feb.A friend gave us 2 wks at his home there for our 50th wedding anniversary.Can you imagine being married to me for 50 years?Guess I found the right gal, huh.Now if I could only convince her to drink Martinis...
Looking for a good 9wt that won't snap.I've tried Sage,Scott and Redington and snapped them all while casting, not fighting a fish.Any suggestions?
Posted by:Jan 7th 2005, 03:29:27 pm
MaddieThanks, Ken. Stanley's church had a prayer night for Mom and it obviously worked. The people of Briland are so special!
Posted by:Jan 7th 2005, 03:20:28 pm
smittyIt takes a lot of guts to have open heart.Really very sorry to hear it didn't go well.I can't imagine what 6 weeks in ICU did not only to your mom but you and your family as well.That's a long time for intensive, but it sounds like it's at last going in the right direction.I mean, after all, she's a martini drinker, what more is there to say? Keep dangeling that Gray Goose,she'll be up and around in no time.Of course you know you'll be in my prayers.
March will be here before you know it and I just know dem Bones are all lined up waitin' for ya.Good luck, Maddie. Ken
Posted by:Jan 7th 2005, 02:38:26 pm
MaddieHey Smitty, thanks for asking. My Mom had open heart surgery on November 17th and it didn't go well. She was in ICU for 6 weeks and has now been in a medical bed for almost 2 weeks. BUT, there is good news, she is tranferring to the rehab unit of her retirement home on Monday! The light at the end of the tunnel is no longer a frieght train. We don't know if she will make it to Harbour Island this winter but we are dangling it as carrot when she balks at PT. We are aslo dangling Grey Goose on the rocks w/ a splash and it seems to be working. Personally, Mt. Gay has gotten me thruough some really tough stuff over the last 2 months.
Posted by:Jan 7th 2005, 02:26:58 pm
smittyAh, Maddie, there you are.Thank you for helping out ole Kimberly.What a shame all these years she's been putting down Absolute only for the whole world to find out she's been mixing her Mount Gay's all wrong.Shame, such a nice girl too.Well, one outta two ain't bad.

How you doin' kid?
Posted by:Jan 7th 2005, 08:05:10 am
MaddieIt said "Yuck". The real deal is Mt. Gay, TONIC and lime!
Posted by:Jan 7th 2005, 07:46:24 am
smittyNow that you mention recent studies, it seems I ran across one on Mount Gay, soda and lime.For the life of me though I can't remember what it said.Couldn't have been much.
Posted by:Jan 6th 2005, 04:13:18 pm
KimberlyYeah, yeah, yeah, happy Epiphany to you, too, buddy.

Did I mention the recent studies showing that Absolut is great for growing lush hibiscus? It conveniently doubles as a cistern algae remover as well ....

Catch ya on the flip flop, good buddy --
Mount Gay, sode and lime
Posted by:Jan 6th 2005, 02:51:35 pm
yazoomoon.....and George W. Bush is a TEXAS CRAZY!!!
Posted by:Jan 6th 2005, 01:32:55 pm
smittyWhat's happening to the modem?Where are the good old fights and arguments?It's become so boring.Let's see what I can do. I know.Kalik is the worlds worst tasting drink, second only to Mount Gay Rum and it's not better in the Bahamas.

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