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Posted by:Jan 10th 2005, 09:13:33 pm
KimberlyClarification ... Jai Roberts runs the terrific Briland Wireless system, and the awesome team of Letario Higgs, Nicholas Johnson, Warwick Watson and Otis Johnson are the proud owners of BriPhi, the island web cafe ** also featuring fixed wireless Internet access, tech support, computer repair and web design ** on the waterfront. It's wonderful to see so many brand-new Briland entrepreneurs in the mix!

Posted by:Jan 10th 2005, 09:08:02 am
KimberlySunday's concert at Valentine's harbourside bar was again a blast, attended by a standing-room only crowd of appreciative locals and visitors who'd stopped in to listen to the tight harmonies and rake and scrape rhythms of Troy, Gregory, Eardley, Lorenz, Alex and Wade.

Members of the Hall & Oates band were also on hand to congratulate Lorenz Hutchison for his recent drum session work with their group in Fort Lauderdale ... air date for the concert film is tentatively scheduled for 22 January on BRAVO, complete with a set replica of the Vic Hum nightclub bandstand and classic pool table.

Word is that Leon Johnson has reopened the popular Bottom Harbour Club on Eleuthera, and will again be featuring live music on the bayside on a regular basis. As dates, times and musical groups are identified, we'll keep you informed.

Harbour Island Marina is still waiting to regain electric and water utilities at the moment, but Ocean Fox dive shop and Hammerhead's restaurant are making the best of the situation ... the marina's still one of the best afternoon spots on the island to catch a few rays and enjoy a great chicken Caesar salad.

Briland Wireless makes its debut this week, courtesy of the hard work of Nicholas Johnson, Letario Higgs, Warwick Watson and the all-too-brief working visit from Otis Johnson now studying overseas.

Dwight Stewart's Briland Cinema drive-in at Barracks Ballfield and in-house at Seagrapes is doing well, and features first-run DVD movies.


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