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Smitty, Maddie ... travel fishing gear?
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Posted by:Feb 14th 2005, 03:02:49 pm
smittyOne last thought, and I'll leave you alone.If you're serious, a good pair of POLARIZED sun glasses in amber and a cap with a dark peak are a must.The glasses make the water disappear.Stick with me, kid, you'll be wareing carrots as big as diamonds.(Hmmm, did that come out backwards?)
Posted by:Feb 14th 2005, 11:08:51 am
KimberlyThanks for the heads up, Smitty ... but I know to look for jellyfish and cucumbers and former St. Pauli Girl bottles, and I've gone barefoot on the Flat for years. Perhaps I should look into those water shoes, though.

(sniff) No self-respecting rum would find itself esconced in a sub-zero freezer, believe me ...
Posted by:Feb 14th 2005, 08:00:02 am
smittyPS What good is it in the freezer? Hope it's not next to that other stuff..
Posted by:Feb 14th 2005, 07:57:26 am
smittyI guess we've about worn this one out, but I must strongly advise you,Kim, NOT to wade barefoot anywhere on a Bonefish flat.There are so many things that will cut you up I can't list them all here.I've had things almost slice thru my sneakers. I wear flats boots especially made for that purpose.Promise? Ken
Posted by:Feb 11th 2005, 05:56:29 pm
MaddieSorry to be so late jumping in on this one but I was out of town for a few days...
I have had good luck with my 9' - 4 piece Loomis 8 weight. My other favorite rod is a Scott 8'8" 8 weight (3 or 4 pieces, I can't remember). Smitty is right about the reel, don't cheap out on the reel.
Posted by:Feb 11th 2005, 05:04:56 pm
KimberlyGreat advice, all of it. I don't wear shorts, and I do fish barefoot whenever possible out there ... love the white, white sand and the transparent fish that swim on over to say hello. Lately, though, my sister and I just have a field day scoring huge pieces of beautiful driftwood that float in onto the bank after a strong storm!

The bottle's in the freezer ...
Posted by:Feb 11th 2005, 03:50:49 pm
smittyI know every inch of Girl Bank.In fact, I know the fish by name.Over the white sand, get right down on your knees when you see fish there.They'll come right up to you.Cast from there.You can stand normally if you fish in the Turtle grass, but try to hide your sneakers.I usually go way down the north end and stand about 100 ft in front of the mangroves.Of course you can go way, way out towards Eleuthera but it's really not necessary.If you're in a boat, cover the whole flat, but I always wade it and stand in one spot for hours. DON'T wear shorts.There's stuff in the water that you can't see that'll make you miserable, big time.Sure wish I could fish it with you, I'd love to watch you sting a nice Bone. Ken
Posted by:Feb 11th 2005, 03:38:47 pm
KimberlyThanks, guy .. but, one pint of what? A decent draught of Guinness? Trader Joe's sells a groovy Vodka Of The Gods for $3.99 the gallon, I suppose, if you're in fact ready to move up to the good stuff.

On its way ...
Posted by:Feb 11th 2005, 01:19:59 pm
smittyThere you go.Idon't know if you ever took a Bone on a fly but you'll need a reel that can hold a lot of backing plus the flyline and a substantial drag.I use anti-reverse reels because the handle doesn't spin when the fish is taking line.With a Bone, they can spin a handle at 10000 rpm's. A real finger buster.Don't use anything less then a 9wt rod.Not so much for the fish but more for the wind' which can really howl on Girl Bank.A "Gotcha" fly in size 4 or 6 will be all you'll need, plus a 10lb 9 ft long knotless leader.That's one pint please.
Posted by:Feb 11th 2005, 12:05:06 pm
KimberlyWell, I found the 'world's smallest telescoping fly rod' over at the Cabelas site, but it looks too good to be true (forget the Loomises for now).
Posted by:Feb 11th 2005, 11:42:59 am
smittyThat's Ken not Kemb. Sheeesh.
Posted by:Feb 11th 2005, 11:40:06 am
smittyDo you want a travel size pocket fly fisherman, as you wrote or a travel size pocket fly rod? Assuming the later,,ahem, Yes there are 4,5,7, and 9 piece travel fly rods, but they ain't cheap.Go to Cabela's web sight and prepare for sticker shock.Also Orvis and Kaufman's Streamborn among others.You might want to sit down with a sip beforehand.I travel to HI always with a big black tube with 2 pc 9 foot rods. A bit clumsey but I don't care for the multi piece travel series. I believe the 9 pc rod carrier is only about 16 inches long.Even a gurl can handle it.If you need more it will cost you a pint.Kemb
Posted by:Feb 11th 2005, 10:44:00 am
KimberlyGreat timing on the question, as I was wondering the same thing ... is there such a thing like a travel-sized pocket fly fisherman that I could use to cast off Girls Bank at low tide? I'm not having the best time getting decent poles down to Harbour Island lately ...

Do the martinis make the water that much clearer, or the water moccasins that much pinker in their ink?
Posted by:Feb 11th 2005, 08:01:59 am
smittyPS Maddie doesn't drink Martinis, so I don't know how reliable her answere will be.Smitty
Posted by:Feb 11th 2005, 07:59:30 am
smittyIsland Lady
Need you to answere a few questions.Do you want fly fishing or spinning tackle,and how much do you want to spend?What species are you going after?Offshore,large, or smaller inshore fish?See? and you thought it was going to be easy.If you're really serious and are going to fish frequently, then better tackle is reccommended.But for the casual fisherwoman, slighly less expensive gear will do.Notice how I didn't say fisherMAN? Let me know. Smitty.
Posted by:Feb 10th 2005, 02:19:21 pm
island ladyHey experts. Where does one purchase good travel fishing poles? Gear?

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