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The Future Briland
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Posted by:Feb 25th 2005, 12:31:37 pm
briland's bestVery good Kimberly! Soon these ideas will be taken to local government to make as many as possible happen. Stay positive Kimberly!
Posted by:Feb 23rd 2005, 05:03:52 pm
KimberlyHey, Briland's best ... a number of local businesses already support scholarships for the graduates of All-Age School, and private citizens like Kayleaser Moss have established a number of scholarships as well. I'd personally like to see more local businesses offering after-school internships to good students.
Posted by:Feb 23rd 2005, 03:10:57 pm
smittyPS Forget the head hunting. That accomplishes absolutely nothing.
Posted by:Feb 23rd 2005, 03:10:03 pm
smittySeems to me you folks are choppin', but no chips are flyin'.All your ideas are good but unless you get out of the talking stage,nothing is going to change.Step up and initiate a meeting of the doers listed here.Lead, follow or get the heck out of the way.Above all don't be afraid to fail. Ken
Posted by:Feb 23rd 2005, 12:50:26 pm
briland's bestA few thoughts to ponder:
It would be very good to have all business corporations to commence a Harbour Island Scholarship Funds. Once a year, the top two students would receive a full four year scholarship! If all hotels, shops, restaurants, boutiques, liquor stores, bakeries, land & water taxis, golf cart rentals, real estates, banks, etc. - the scholarship funds could be set up at a bank & this could work! A good education requires money! Together we can make this happen for the next generation.
Posted by:Feb 23rd 2005, 05:13:39 am
BrilandkidTime & time I have sat back and read post after post all of problems, suggestions and possible solutions. Bottom line If it ain’t broke do not fix it there is nothing wrong with Briland it is the same piece of land as it was hundred’s of years ago and will be hundreds of more to come.It is the attitude of some people that need a slight adjustment. I know what it is to have a healthy work ethic, have an healthy attitude about my home and surroundings treat each other with love and respect and most of all I have integrity and a good self esteem. Psst I am also a Briland kid born there.
Look for the good it will always slam the bad. Lets hear some positive suggestions to positive things in Briland and not give negative gossip all that play.
Posted by:Feb 21st 2005, 11:42:52 pm
Ms. johnsonto clarify something my statement was not to attack the haitians, i agree that they are hard workers but my point is not only brilanders are committing crimes on the island my point towards haitians is that they could commit crime just as well as brilanders, strangers and whom ever else...i was not attacking they in any way i was just making a point..that seems only briland guys do when it come to it...

so kristi, my point to was the haitians are that they can also commit the same crimes that our winter residents and tourist that come to the island face when the come there NOT ONLY BRILAND BOYS...because they are not the only people on the island...

so in addition to that advice the police on the island not just target our briland boys because they are not the only one that live there.....
Posted by:Feb 21st 2005, 04:23:17 pm
PinksandHistory can tell us but never really teach us. What the Bahamas is going thru and what HI is going thru is no different than what other immigrants expierenced when coming to the United States. The Irish, the Germans,Jews, Italians all were scorned when they first came to these shores. They had to work themselves out of it. Education is the key, plain and simple. If they work hard they will study hard if given the chance. Its the children of those immigrants who will make the difference, it takes time, and the older ones can only set the stage for the younger.
As far as cleaning up the island and control I'd love to see a different approach. Let it come from the young ones. They are being taught in school about taking care of the land. Lets tell them to tell a grown up that throws something on the ground "Please, this is our island, lets pick it up"......To many times adults just over complicate the situation. They will form this group to handle this and that group to handle that, kids use kids logic, its simple, just do it.
As far as crime only YOU can STOP it. If you turn your head it will not go away. If you close your eyes, it will not go away. If your bury your head in the pinksand, it will not go away. Stand tall, as a group, and get them off the island. Thats the only thing thats going to work.
Good job whoever you are who started this.
Posted by:Feb 20th 2005, 11:40:09 pm
MaddieMy Mother has been critically ill for the past three months and one of her nurses is a lovely lady from Haiti. She was telling all of us that she is Jamacain until another nurse came into the room and got talking to her and told her she knew her accent was Haitian, not Jamacian. I asked Marie why she would say she was from Jamacia and she said it was because she thought Americans would respect her more if she did. I told her that we gotten to know some of the lovliest people in the Bahamas who are from Haiti and that they worked 10 times harder than some of the Bahamaian we know.
She now proudly tells people she is from Haiti! The Bahamians need to pick up on the work ethic of the Haitians.
Posted by:Feb 20th 2005, 03:46:28 pm
KimberlyHey, did you guys read this week's Couldn't resist this one: "The country has now gone into full knee jerk mode with the Immigration Department in a frenzy to lock up, round up illegal immigrants and send them back to Haiti. The fact that they will probably be right back in the country within three weeks, having regard to the lack of capacity on the part of the Defence Force is not a matter to be discussed in polite circles. What also makes the whole policy a bit of a joke is the fact that we all know that the reason why the Haitians are here is to supply labour at the bottom of the labour pool for all the jobs that won’t be done by Bahamians. They do it well, and they have a good work ethic.

Stan Burnside, the cartoonist, always knows how to get to the heart of the matter and he drew something on Tuesday 15th February that describes the situation to a T. Take everyone out except: “My Haitian”. The cartoon appeared in the Nassau Guardian."
Posted by:Feb 20th 2005, 10:24:24 am
kristinicely said Briland's best !
Posted by:Feb 20th 2005, 09:12:58 am
briland's bestSolutions, solutions and more solutions - no more wasted time on the problems! Briland we can start with the heads of the homes; Mom and Dad let us take our children to the sofas and teach them 'who they are' and 'who they ought not 'become'! Talk with them about what it is to be an international member of society. Education then becomes a focus and dignity will be a foundation that can take them anywhere in the world, and bring a honorable standard back to the beautiful briland. No more pointing fingers - let us lend helping hands!
Posted by:Feb 20th 2005, 05:33:21 am
kristiWhat a great idea. If we all work together then things can only get better. As for Ms. Johnson's reply, please lets not criticize the haitians. They are hard workers and are doing the jobs that "brilanders" are apparently too good to do. The haitians don't get enough credit for what they do. Most of the haitians that have left their country to work in the Bahamas have left to find better living conditions AND most of the haitians have college degrees - example, one that I knew was a customs officer and came to the Bahamas to be a garderner. In my opinion a Brilander would just sit on his butt and wait for something that he or she found worth doing (or wait for someone else to offer a job instead of going out there and finding something to do). We should take example of hard working, honest people (like the haitians). I haven't been home in 2 1/2 years and let me tell you there are some lazy people. A simple coke can or beer bottle is usually thrown on the grown instead of in a gargabe can. I hope that this can change. We shouldn't depend on cleaning committees to pick up the crap left for the others to clean up. I say let the garbage pile up and maybe then people will realize what a problem that this has become. Why not have a monthly contest for example "the cleanest yard of the month"; Anything to motivate people. One last thing - RESPECT comes from the home...
Posted by:Feb 19th 2005, 06:00:36 pm
Ms. johnsonI agree with briland's best, the destiny of the island does lye in the hands of those the live there and those that are aboard. but we has the natives need to stop pulling one another down and help one another solve the problems that we are faced with on the island. If we pull together and think of solutions that would help solve the problems it could be done. The island i think just need to be clean up from all those strangers that are there. When i was home for my break i so more new faces. And with the crime that was going on i really and honestly say this is my opinion that not all the crime there was done by the natives, there are to many strangers and haitians there that can also commit the crime as well. but do they check there back grounds no, you just sit around talk about people and they stuff happen always pick on the briland boy, yes there some that may do it but not all the time it has to be them. the natives just need to open up there eyes and get a dose of reality because if you don't we would hand up like some of the family islands that don't have no tourism has there backbone...remember if you run them away they won't come stop critizing people and help one another to combat the problem and hopefully if you do the island would be back to it's old self nice, peaceful, and enjoyable....HELP OUR BRILAND..
Posted by:Feb 19th 2005, 03:03:18 pm
briland's bestThe destiny of this island is in the hands of all who reside here! Let us be positive, creative, honest and 'unified'. It is time for us to write our visions for this awesome land down, and speak out against the ills of crime, hate, and ignorance! It is not too late to create your 'beautiful briland' - let us all make it happen! We can do it!

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