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Briland Sweet Hey..........Regatta Time
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Posted by:Oct 21st 2002, 01:34:30 pm
KristelThanks for the previous post. I didn't want to say too much about it, but now that I see someone else has, I'll elaborate more. I really had thought that because Briland is BRILAND, there'd be some live entertainment during regatta. I mean, Bluff had Eleuthera Express, the Brilanders, and Sweet Emily. Palmetto Point had Eleuthera Express and Stevie S. I expected Briland to be as big if not bigger. The only thing bigger was the number of people attending. With the amount of tourism money that comes into Briland, can't some be dedicated to getting a stage and live entertainment next year? If next year brings the same, I personally won't bother with Regatta next year, but opt for one of the homecomings in one of the settlements.
Posted by:Oct 21st 2002, 01:10:52 pm
fabuloustinyHey peeps,
Kuddos to the Regatta committee for a job well done.
I am a proud brilander and I was present for the 14th Annual Regatta celebration.To my dismay I found that the activities at the regatta were non-existent as far as entertainment goes. I feel that we need to do more in the "ENTERTAINMENT" department. More time needs to be spent properly planning the activities that not only will lead up to the Regatta but during the Regatta itself. I am keeping in mind funds may be tight but there could have been more done. Get the people involved, with a little team work a effort anything is possible.
Posted by:Oct 16th 2002, 03:35:34 pm
KimberlyRegatta highlights online, at
Posted by:Oct 15th 2002, 02:32:37 pm
KristelRegatta was great! The rain didn't affect it too badly. There were a few showers Friday and Saturday night but there were tarps up for people to get underneath. There were loads of people and dueling djs. I wish they had had live music like other settlement's homecomings. I got a chance to meet the Honourable Perry Christie and get my picture taken with him! Got into Seagrapes ($10 cover charge, whew!) to hear the Brilanders. Three Island Dock did have Eleuthera Express playing live on Saturday night - too bad their sound system made them sound awful - I know they're better than that! Lenny Kravitz and Mick Jagger were seen around town. Lots of stalls with lots of food... Only a few fights. Basically a good time. Looking forward to Governor's homecoming in 3 weeks!
Posted by:Oct 12th 2002, 03:01:01 pm
Goes anyone have any news on how the regatta is going? Also, did Kyle do much to hinder the event?
Posted by:Oct 8th 2002, 04:59:28 pm
KimberlyNote from Raymond Harrison of the Bahamas Tourist Office, Harbour Island:

Hi Kimberly. I have been advised that Bohengy will
commence service effective Thursday 10th, October. There will be several
runs into Harbour Island for the weekend. Also Bahamasair will be
operating the dash 8s this weekend, running a number of flights for the
weekend. I trust this helps in your requests. Look forward to seeing you
soon. Pineapple regards.... Raymond
Posted by:Oct 7th 2002, 11:48:58 pm
Ms. johnsongirl u ain't the only one who won't be there so to be mad.
Posted by:Oct 7th 2002, 11:44:34 pm
Brilandz GalHey to my fellow Brilanders, how yall doin?? I am so unhappy cuz i wont be able to come home fo Regatta, but have fun fo me. Give a shout out to my peeps - Sommer, Curtlin, Darrel, Jamal, Darien, Penny, and Madlyn.

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